IFE is a platform for launches as well as a showcase for favourite products and the following pages contain a guide to some of the exhibitors, the products they will be showing, and the stand numbers where they can be found ALARA WHOLEFOODS Stand: 4815 Visitors will see the launch of two more organic mueslis, tropical and branberry, to go with the repackaged Oganic Rich. They will line up alongside the company's organic mango, pineapple, strawberry and blueberry varieties. ALVIS BROS Stand: 4709 Lye Cross Farm, the organic brand from Somerset based Alvis Bros, is adding four new cheeses to its range -- Cheshire, Caerphilly, Wensley-dale and Lancashire. The range already includes Cheddar, Double Gloucester and Red Leicester. RH AMAR Stand: 1712 Included on the Amar stand will be a new range of fruit breads from Gabry, Ortalli Balsamic vinegars and olives du marche, a new product from Crespo. There will be additions to the Cirio range in the form of cherry tomatoes and tomato fillets. Other lines will include La Traversagna single estate olive oil and Walkerswood savoury sauce and curry paste. ANDROS UK Stand: 1612 Andros will display a range of foods from its three divisions - Bonne Maman, Materne Confilux and Novandie. There will be jams, marmalades, compotes and biscuits. Many lines are available in retail and catering sizes. ANTON HAUBENBERGER Stand: 4227 Frozen dough and part baked speciality breads from Austria for in-store bakeries, delicatessens and food service outlets, including a joint promotion of the "complete bakery concept" with Miwe ovens. All product lines also available as organic. ARDO SHEARWAY Stand: 2814 The company will be unveiling a number of new lines, including a new approach to frozen vegetables, featuring a convenient and different format. For frozen fruit, there will be new packs and the introduction of both premium and everyday presentations. ARKADY CRAIGMILLAR Stand: 2914 The company will unveil the American Karp's bakery brand to the UK, but details will be kept under wraps until the show opens. Visitors will see the Simpsons range of bakery treats, the Bon Vivant savoury snack line and the Mini Calzone hand-held snack. ASPALL Stand: 3025H The Suffolk-based apple specialist will be exhibiting its range of apple juices, cyders and vinegars. The cyders are available in medium, dry, extra dry and organic formats, while the vinegars come in organic cyder, organic red and white wine, organic balsamic and perry varieties. AUNTYG Stand: 1649 On display will be a range of six real Indian chutneys under the Holy Cow banner. Described by AuntyG as a funky product, the range consists of onion & mint, spicy mango, tamarind & ginger, spicy tamarind, tamarind & dates, and cheeky chickpeas. AUSTRIAN PAVILION Stand: 3303 The Austrian pavilion will display a wide range of products, some of which are well known in the UK and others yet to make their debut. AVILTON FOODS Stand: 1812 As well as showing its range of dried pastas and tomato based products, the company will display an extended range of Italian organic and non-organic cheeses, chilled desserts, herbed and flavoured anchovies, olive oil, breadsticks, lemon and lime juice, lasagne, snacks, cakes, dried fruit, ice cream and milk. BAGEL NASH Stand: 4322 The company will be showing a range of more than 20 different flavoured bagels -- from cheese & jalapeno and sundried tomato and black olives, to chocolate chip and blueberry. Bagel Nash uses 100% natural ingredients for its bagels, which are GMO and preservative free, making them suitable for vegetarians. BAYHAM FOODS Stand: 6014A The company is introducing new packaging for its 10-slice, 150g packs of Jarlsberg Norwegian cheeses. Also on show will be 10kg wheels and 2.5kg quarters of Jarlsberg. BEACON FOODS Stand:1323 The Brecon-based fresh and exotic ingredient specialist supplies fresh garlic puree, peeled garlic, ginger and herbs. More recently, it has extended its product porfolio to include cooked ingredients such as roast onions and garlic, roast and chargrilled fresh vegetables, and roasted, baked and smoked fruit. BECKETT'S FOODS Stand: 2225 Beckett's Foods from Coventry supplies Butcher's Choice bacon and, over the last 12 months, has seen a 100% growth for its products through the foodservice market. Visitors to IFE will see a strong partnership between Beckett's and its Dutch supplier Benedik. BELGIAN PAVILION Stands: 3532, 3632, 4624 This national stand, featuring nearly 50 companies, will be one of the largest at IFE. There will be a mix of companies and products already established in the UK, while others will be others making their debut. KEN BELL INTERNATIONAL Stand: 4024 The seafood specialist will be displaying a wide range of its products, including king prawns, cooked and peeled prawns, seafood cocktail, crevettes, langoustines, and a selection of prawn based value added products. Fish from all parts of the world will be on display, including a range of New Zealand oysters. BELVOIR FRUIT FARMS Stand: 1934 The company will be launching Belvoir organic elderflower pressé, which joins the range of four organic cordials launched 15 months ago. The range includes elderflower, ginger, blackcurrant and lemon. Belvoir is also relaunching its entire range of pressés in new look bottles. BEN & JERRY'S Stand: 2604 Visitors can sample a new range of super premium ice cream from The Flying Fresian -- the company's psychedelic American bus. Products are the Full Vermonty, Berry N'ice and Half Baked. One has roasted pecans and caramel swirl, another strawberry pieces and the third has chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate. BESPOKE FOODS Stand: 1722 New lines from new world countries will be launched, among them Mezzetta peppers, Briannas salad dressings and Jardines' Tex-Mex sauces and salsas from the US, and Colmet sauces, Gwydir Grove infused oils and Yummy Kitchen Cake from Australia. Other new specialities include continental cakes. BETTAMORE FOODS Stand: 2305 The UK partners to leading Australian breakfast food manufacturers Sanitarium launch Golden Wheat Bars in three nutritious fruit, wheat and yogurt combinations - Fruit & Nut, Wild Berry, and Apricot. . THE BFD GROUP Stand: 1514 The delicatessen food wholesaler will show its range of delicatessen foods, including its new Absolutely Organic selection of cooked meats for the retail market. The group's current range includes honey roast ham, smoked ham, traditional cure ham and roast pork, all in 100g packs. BLACKFRIARS BAKERY Stand: 4413 The company is introducing a blackforest gateau muffin with blackberries and white chocolate topping; and a blackcurrant flapjack, containing a white chocolate coating with choc threads sprinkled on top. The firm's entire range of flapjacks, muffins, cake slices and cake will be on display. BOATERS COFFEE COMPANY Stand: 3100 A number of new products will be unveiled at IFE, including a Variety Stick Pack containing 24 freeze dried coffee sticks in three flavours; the Great Eight range of 50g instant coffees in eight flavours; and instant flavour coffee in three varieties. BOMBAY BANGERS Stand: 1014 The company is launching, under its Raj range, what it claims is the first 'quick curry fix' -- a specialist Indian sausage with hot pickle in a wrap. Other lines include Mirchie chili, Parsi chutney, Jaggery Goor chutney, Whistle Blower pickle, a range of patties and the Kut-Kut Plait selection of vegetables. BOTTLE GREEN DRINKS COMPANY Stand: 3024 IFE will see the relaunch of the company's cordials. A new bottle and graphics have been designed for the premium dilutables sector. The bottle size is larger at 50cl and aimed at 26 to 34 year olds. BRITVIC SOFT DRINKS Stand: 6334 Under its Right Choice category management initiative, the Britvic team will offer merchandising advice and showcase its recent product launches. A key brand for IFE will be its frozen carbonated drink IceBlast. Britvic will also show how customers can benefit from its vending machines, including the launch of its Tango Fish Machines, which mimic a fish tank. BURNT SUGAR SWEET COMPANY Stand: 1940 The manufacturer of hand-made fudge will be unveiling a new 75g gift box. Designed for specialist food shops, gift shops, hamper companies and small hotels, the new line complements the existing 200g gift box. CALABRIAN PAVILION Stand: 3345 An exhibit supporting the main Italian pavilion, showing a range of products from specific regions. CANADIAN PAVILION Stand: 5032 A major exhibit of more than a dozen companies, displaying a wide selection of foods familiar, and unfamiliar, to the UK. Sampling will be a feature of the pavilion. C CARNEVALE Stand: 1814 Fontaneto pasta, Soresina cheeses, Bistefani biscuits, Moretti beer and Negrini meat products will be featured by this importer and distributor of Italian specialities. A nationwide daily delivery service is available to food outlets. CASTLE AROMATICS Stand: 1904 Infused fresh herb and spice oils for use in a wide range of prepared foods are being shown for the first time. Flavours include basil, coriander, chilli and garlic, plus cinnamon, lime leaves, lemon and lavender. Made with sunflower oil using only fresh herbs and spices, the infused oils have good flavour retention, can be stored at ambient temperature and contain no additives. CAULDRON FOODS Stand: 2204 Vegetarian cocktail sausages for children's meals are being launched along with organic spicy vegetable koftas and organic Mexican bondegas for the snack market. The new products can be sampled along with the rest of the company's vegetarian and organic range which includes patés, falafel, nut roats, cutlets and bean burgers. CHERRY VALLEY Stand: 2230 Making its debut is a Peking duck kit for a starter, consisting of a fully cooked Peking duck, six Ho Choi pancakes and hoi sin sauce. Development chef John Lee will demonstrate duck recipes from around the world. COBRA BEER Stand: 6225 The best selling Indian beer has a brand value of £35m, with sales growing 65% year on year. It has been joined by General Bilimoria Wine, a range of five Languedoc wines, and Swift, a lighter bodied premium draft lager. CONAGRA FOODS Stand: 4314 The world's No 1 microwaveable popcorn brand, Act II, explodes on to the UK market in Butter, Salted, Cinema Sweet and Light Butter flavours as single or multi packs. CONSOLIDATED BISCUIT CO Stand: 4432 The Devon brand of biscuits, which include morning coffee, rich tea, marie, plain and digestive varieties, is well established in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America. The company is now looking for a UK partner to establish the brand in Britain. THE COOKIE COACH COMPANY Stand: 4648 Specialising in food for people on the move, the company has a selection of hot muffins, cakes and flapjacks. The flapjacks have been relaunched with an improved flavour and redesigned packaging. G COSTA & CO Stand: 1524 Chefs will demonstate different ethnic recipes using the Blue Dragon range of authentic oriental products and Tabasco pepper sauce. There will also be a chance to savour the new Sunshine brand of Cheez-It snacks, Orville Reckenbauer's popcorn, and French's new range of speciality mustards, all from the US. Anna's Ginger Thins, a range of high quality Swedish biscuits which the company is now distributing, will also be featured. COTSWOLD SPRING Stand: 6221 The company is featuring its English mineral water, sourced at the base of the Cotswold escarpment near Bath. It comes in all popular sizes. COUNTRY CHOICE Stand: 4324 Bake 'n' Bite, a complete bake-off package that offers retailers a low cost route into this profitable market, will be featured. It includes over 1300 bakery, confectionery, savoury and home meal replacement offerings, plus equipment, point of sale material, promotions, technical support and merchandising advice. CUISINE DE FRANCE Stand:4114 The market leaders in par-baked breads, confectionery and savoury products, offers advice on product selection, merchandising, presentation, hygiene, stock control and bake-off with demonstations and new product sampling. CYPRUS PAVILION Stand: 6124/34 A dozen companies will be exhibiting a range of diverse products for both the retail and catering markets. Products will include cheese, yogurt, wine, beer, snacks, biscuits, ice cream and more. DALOON FOODS Stand: 2533 Daloon will be showing its recently launched 4x70g samosas along with the new 2x70g Indian Classics tandoori spiced mixed vegetable samosas and 4x35g onion bhajis. The company will also offer samples of its established retail range comprising spring rolls and exotic spring rolls, plus its Mini Savouries Eastern Selection. DANISH DELI Stand: 3444 The stand will incorporate Polsefabrikken Gol, Danish Deli and subsidiaries from France and Sweden. Danish Deli is introducing a number of new lines including mixed cocktail sausages, low fat frankfurters, diced pepperoni and salami. DANISH PAVILION Stand: 3444 An exhibit that will house some major names firmly established on the UK market, such as Danish Crown, Tulip and Plumrose -- plus some lesser known companies and products. DANISH PRIME (UK) Stand: 2514 The convenience food manufacturer will launch authentic Scandinavian meatballs at IFE. The pork and beef meatballs come in 350g packs which, says the company, give more meat and less packaging, delivering better consumer value. D'AUCY (UK) Stand: 2223 A subsidiary of top French food group Cecab, D'Aucy (UK) is showing canned and frozen vegetable products, including ravioli, curries, cook-in sauces and pig meat. DAWN FOODS Stand: 4315 The company has developed a range of new recipes for its pre-mix products, designed for the in-store bakery market. The packaging has also been upgraded. One new idea is the launch of Muffin Candy Cones, a selection of mini ice cream shaped cakes with secret sweets inside. DENHAY FARMS Stand: 1928 The West Dorset farming company, which produces dairy and pork products, will launch a new sausage at IFE. It is a hot and spicy chipolata with 100% meat and no added rusk or crumb. Also displayed will be Denhay's apple cured gammons, dry cured bacon, air dried ham and farmhouse cheddar. DISCOVERY FOODS Stand: 1633 The company will show an extensive range of products from Mexico and the deep south of America. There will be cooking demonstrations and sampling opportunities. Discovery's own chefs will create dishes such as Cajun and Jamaican chicken, Mexican fajitas and hot banana tacos. EDGMOND FOODS Stand: 1914 The Shropshire based specialist quiche and flan manufacturer is using IFE to unveil its new logo and 'for a better slice of the market' strapline. The company is launching a new range of hot flans and new quiche varieties. EMPORIO DOMANI Stand: 4650 The company will be showing organic biscotti from Italy, individually wrapped small and large biscotti, organic matzos from France, French speciality biscuits including Langue de Chat, and butter biscuits set in chocolate. There will also be Italian pasta and sauces, organic olive oil, snacks and mineral water. ENOLIO Stand: 1637 The Italian company exports extra virgin olive oils. All Enolio's wide range of products have a quality certificate. EURO FOOD BRANDS Stand: 1532 Italian chocolates line up against stock cubes, syrups, pasta and panettone, as well as a huge variety of products from famous European brands to help Euro Food Brands celebrate its tenth trading year. EUROBUNS Stand: 2724 One of Britain's newest bakery companies, Eurobuns markets the Americana brand of frozen burger bun. It will also be launching a new brand at IFE, plus the creamy toffee pecan whirl to its Cakes of America range. EVANS GRAY & HOOD Stand: 1740 The company imports a wide range of ethnic products from around the globe, including China, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Jamaica and India. One successful line is Lingham's chilli sauce from Penang and there is the SinSin range of sauces from Singapore. From India comes the Ferns range of curry pastes and pickles, while there are long life noodles and vermicelli from China. FIDDES PAYNE Stand: 1639 The company is brand leader in quality refillable spice mills and refills under the names Mosimann, Grind Fresh and Co-Op own label. Its most recent introductions include Sugar 'n' Spice mills, multi coloured Sugar Sparklers, herbal sea salts, and animal cake decorations. Other products include Hidden Valley bean and rice meals, and couscous and pasta. FINDUS FOODSERVICES Stand: 2734 The debut of Findus' foodservice arm in the UK is marked by the launch of 37 products, including fish dishes, vegetarian options and Scandinavian specialities. FINE ITALIAN FOODS Stand: 1605 New at the show will be a range of chilled, ready to eat, Italian antipasto packed in 200g trays, with a six month shelf life. Paramlat, Agnesi, Dalter, Castelli and Unibon are among the leading Italian food producers represented. FIORUCCI (UK) Stand:1404 The leading brand of traditional Italian charcuterie displays its portfolio of retail, wholesale, own label and independent products. FIRST QUALITY FOODS Stand: 1700 The Sammy's brand of Easy Cook Couscous and Organic Couscous has had a packaging makeover, and there are two new couscous flavours: Thai with ginger, lime and coconut, and roast garlic with virgin olive oil, plus a couscous salad with lemon, mint and parsley. Polenta comes in plain, organic and Italian tomato and herb variants. FLAGSHIP FOODS Stand: 2214 Incorporating Roach Foods, Dalehead Foods and pig producer BQP, the company will be presenting its new products and services package to retailers. New products will include Roach Foods' microwaveable bacon, Lean 'n' Quick and Crisp 'n' Quick, and Perfect Pork, a tenderised pack of two loin steaks. FLETCHERS BAKERIES Stand: 2934 Bakery products marketed to catering, retail, wholesale, own label, export and independent outlets include Fletcher, Kara and La Boulangerie Francaise brands. The range includes doughnuts, American style muffins, scones, bread rolls, tea cakes, pizza dough balls and croissants. FOOD FROM BRITAIN PAVILION Stands: 1754/1900-3005/ 3135-3146 FFB is sponsoring a speciality food pavilion, one of the largest at the show, to promote the country's wealth of gourmet and fine food and drink. The speciality section includes participation from regional food groups. FONTANA DRINKS Stand: 6214 Powercell energy drink, makes its debut. The company says its taste comes from aronia berry, while taurine, glucoronolactone, caffeine and vitamins help provide the energy the body needs. THE FOODFINDERS Stand: 1612a Looking ahead, the Christmas 2001 gourmet food range comprising 500 lines - 30% of them new to the UK market - will be available to peruse. FRENCH PAVILION Stand: 3712 More than 22 companies will display biscuits, cakes, charcuterie, cheese, chilled foods, chocolate ingredients, cider, coffee, confectionery and so on. A wide range of speciality foods will be featured. FRICO Stand: 6034 Holland's largest producer of Dutch cheese is showing a new matured Edam, plus organic and herb versions and other Dutch specialities. FRIDAYS Stand: 2300 The sandwich ingredients specialist will launch a new range of sandwich fillings supplied chilled in 6 x 170g retail packs. There will be 10 varieties including egg mayonnaise, egg & crispy bacon, smoked ham with cheese & tomato and poached salmon mayonnaise. GALBANI (UK) Stand: 1824 Fresh and matured Italian cheeses will be promoted by the UK branch of Italy's leading cheese and cooked meat producer. Mozzarella, mascarpone, ricotta and dolcelatte are the main product lines. GALICIA PAVILION Stand: 3542 An exhibit showing some of Spain's regional specialities.Seven companies will be displaying products, many of which will be new to UK buyers and consumers. GARRICK INTERNATIONAL Stand: 6234 Newly appointed distributor for FMC fresh juice squeezers, the company is featuring the Fresh 'n' Squeeze Citrus Juicer suitable for countertop operation in retail outlets. Peel is automatically stripped from the fruit prior to squeezing, resulting in a better tasting juice. GERMAN PAVILION Stand: 3512 German companies are always out in force at IFE and this year will be no exception, when 45 exhibitors will be displaying a vast array of products. Fifteen firms will be exhibiting for the first time, some of which will be looking for UK importers. GILES FOODS Stand: 4313 Organic quiches, breads and frozen and chilled products make their show debut. These include Millifoods' vegetarian range of ready meals, backed by celebrity Spike Milligan. The company is also featuring its new corporate identity and packaging. GLUTEN FREE FOODS Stand: 2232 The company is featuring its entire range of more than 40 gluten-free and wheat-free products. These include the recently launched pot meals and organic porridge under its Barkat brand, and cornflakes, crispbread, custard creams and shortcake ring biscuits under its Glutano brand. The stand will also have food tastings and samples to take away. GOLDEN CASKET Stand: 4605 The Millions children's confectionery brand gets a new Bubblegum flavour in bright blue, with a strong smell and silver hologram packaging. Chocolate Surprise eggs in milk and white chocolate containing self-assembly toys and collectable ornaments also make their debut. GOLDEN FEAST Stand: 2714 A range of farmhouse casseroles in beef, chicken and lamb varieties makes its show debut. Packaging is in the shape of a small stewpot to reinforce the home cooked taste. Frozen ready meals will also be featured on the stand. GORDON'S FINE FOODS Stand: 1925 Specialist mustards, sauces and chutneys, both organic and traditional, feature new labelling designed to give the range a more modern feel. A new range of miniature gift packs makes its debut, as does the company's new catering packs. GOSWELL BAKERIES Stand: 4400 This long established east London speciality bread baker will be featuring a number of well known brands, among them Vogel's Swiss-style mixed grain breads, Doves Farm organic brown pitta, Caribbean Cuisine west Indian breads, Loaves and Fishes Irish soda bread, plus its own rye bread, cholla and bagels. GRAN CANARIA PAVILION Stand: 4808 Another regional Spanish exhibit, displaying products that Canary island producers are keen to see have a presence in the UK market. Greek PAVILION Stand: 3922 A national pavilion housing eight companies displaying food and drink, some of which is firmly establishd in the UK, and other delicacies keen to get a foot into UK stores. The Greek Hellenic Foreign Trade Board will also be present on stand 3922. GREEN LABEL FOODS Stand: 2213 All retail Gressingham duck products will be featured, including fresh whole birds, portions and new skinless fillets, plus the frozen range. New will be two partly cooked products, duck a l'orange and duck in cherry sauce, plus a range of speciality poultry, including guinea fowl, poussin and foie gras. THE HANDMADE CAKE COMPANY Stand: 4235 Three new products will be unveiled. Passion Traybake is a carrot sponge with chunks of walnut and whole sultanas, topped with cream cheese icing. Raspberry and fresh cream sponge is a vanilla sponge with raspberries folded into fresh dairy cream, while chocolate orange marble cake is made from a blend of chocolate and orange sponge, plus toppings. HEAWOOD RESEARCH Stand: 1016 The company will be launching two new initiatives -- Homereach and Packprobe. The first will enable manufacturers to test products through thousands of specially targeted consumers. The second helps manufacturers make better decisions about pack designs. HILL STATION ICE CREAM Stand: 1913 Gourmet ice cream supplier Hill Station will launch a new flavour, mango & lime, at IFE. Packed in 500ml tubs, it will be available from the end of April. The recipe includes purées of mango and lime, with fresh double cream, fresh whole milk, sugar and egg yolks. HUNGARIAN PAVILION Stand: 5244 Eleven companies will fly the Hungarian flag at IFE. A mix of the old and the new will make for an interesting display of products from a country that is looking to step up its exports to the UK market. THE IAN LOGAN DESIGN COMPANY Stand: 1016 Graphic, packaging and web site design company founded in 1971 and specialising in the food and drink sector. Clients include Tesco, Del Monte, Whittard of Chelsea, New Covent Garden Soup, Spar International and Sapori d'Italia. ICE IMPRESSIONS Stand: 2737 The UK business partner to one of Belgium's largest dairy ice cream producers, marketing a range of impulse, scooping, individual dessert and speciality frozen products, for retail, catering, institutional and private label markets. Eyecatching point of sale material also available. ICEFRESH FROZEN FOODS Stand: 2915 High energy ice lollies take functional foods into the frozen category for the first time with the launch of Vitamin Pops and Energy Ice on the Ice Fresh Frozen Foods stand. The company supplies a range of frozen patisseries, confectionery, organic and non organic vegetables. A preview of the world's most expensive organic processing facility and the launch of a new luxury Original 35 range from Dutch ice cream specialist Ijsboerke feature as part of Icefresh's biggest ever retail push. INDIAN PAVILION Stand: 5322 Indian foods have been firmly established in UK retail and catering outlets for a considerable time. However, Indian food exporters are not complacent and visitors to IFE will see a range of new products from the companies exhibiting on the national pavilion. INNOCENT Stand: 6212 Voted best smoothie brand by the BBC's Food & Drink programme, Innocent previews its new Veggies - a blend of carrot, and carrot, and apple and ginger, due for launch in April. Veggies join five award winning smoothies and two yoghurt based Thickies - vanilla bean and honey, and mango and strawberry. ISIGNY STE MERE Stand: 2404 The international award winning French cheese and dairy producer introduces new additions to its high quality range, with unsalted and salted butter from the acclaimed AOC selection now available in 30g and 50g packs, along with 250g Camembert and Calvados and Fromage Frais with Strawberries - all to be supported by in store promotion. ITALIAN PAVILION Stand: 3800/3944 One of the largest groups, the Italian pavilion will consist of six blocks of exhibitors involving nearly 100 companies. On display will be a range of fine foods, many of which are already key lines for UK retailers. However, buyers will be able to view new products for both retail and catering. Sampling will be a key element of the Italian group. JAPANESE PAVILION Stand: 3333/3432 Japan is making its IFE debut, where 29 companies will be displaying an array of food and drink including sake rice, lager beer, plum wine and soft beverages, pickles, seasonings, natto beans, soup, green tea, milk health drinks, fruit juice and energy drinks. JETHRO'S Stand:1635 All natural, original marinades for the retail sectors will be featured along with a new starter pack for caterers which includes four free product samples, recipes and product information. New retail packaging in ivory, black and gold makes its debut . The comany has recently extended national distribution to independent outlets. THE JUICE COMPANY Stand: 6245 Producers of award winning smoothies. Products include smoothiepack frozen, ready to blend, and smoothiepack ambient/chilled ready to drink, plus smoothiepack frozen cuplet ready to drink, containing 100% pure fruit juice. JUST-FOOD.COM Stand: 4736 Internet based news and information service for the food industry with interactive forum for food professionals. Meet the editorial team, click for inforrmation on line and link up with colleagues in the virtual chat room. KATSOURIS BROTHERS Stand: 1305 A range of products from olives and olive oil to cereals, pulses, nuts, cheeses and other specialities will be available from Katsouris Brothers. Retail packs are marketed under the Cypressa brand, but ingredients can also be supplied in bulk. KING ASIA FOODS Stand: 2643 The company is the manufacturer of the Mayflower brand and also produces Chinese foods for the food service market. The range includes rice dishes, sauces, chow mein, sweet & sour chicken, pork and king prawn. Recent additions include pancake rolls, Thai green curry with chicken, Chinese meal for two and chilli beef in batter. KUCHENMEISTER Stand: 4216 Specialising in long life ambient cake products, Kuchenmeister exports 50% of its German production to 80 countries, with offices in key markets, including the UK. L'AQUILA Stand: 1734 The London based importer and distributor of Italian foods will display its complete range including mushrooms, truffles, Mediterranean vegetables, tomatoes and gourmet gifts under the La Truffata, Fresta, Shake O'Cini, Truffoil, Fungi Foray and Sorriso brand names. The Sorriso Mediterranean range will be making its debut, as will its semi-dried tomatoes. LE PAIN CROUSTILLANT Stand: 4304 Back at IFE after an eight year absence, and now owned by the RHM Group, Le Pain Croustillant displays a range of traditional and speciality breads and rolls, including the Pain Rustique selection, plus organic lines. There will be new products on show and baking will take place throughout the exhibition. LINEA IMPORT EXPORT Stand: 4729 The company will be showing its selection of organic parma ham and salami; Italian cheeses including mozzarella, gorgonzola, reggiano and taleggio; extra virgin olive oils, vegetable antipasti in oil and wine vinegar. Products are available for counter cutting or in trays for retail. LYNHER DAIRIES Stand: 6014 The company is known for its Cornish Yarg semi hard cheese, but it will also display three variations of soft cheese - pepper, herb and garlic, and tarragon. Lynher's cheeses are made with cow's milk and, says the company, are suitable for vegetarians. The range is available nationwide. L&M FOOD GROUP Stand: 2504 Making its IFE debut, L&M will be showing a range of poultry products including chicken fillets and wings, plus other value added lines available in fresh, frozen, cooked or raw variants. The company's American appetisers under the Poppers banner include cheese and red hot variants, onion rings, spicy rings, Texas toothpicks, mozzarella sticks and tortilla wraps. LUSCOMBE ORGANIC DRINKS Stand: 4820 The Devon company will exhibit a range of soft drinks free from concentrates or chemical additives. Its ginger beers, elderflower bubbly, Sicilian lemonade, apple and pear, and apple juices come in 25cl and 75cl glass bottles. MADRANGE Stand: 1713 New range of cooked meats, patés and mountain air dried products aimed at the UK snack market from one of Europe's leading suppliers of premium cooked hams. The company is also launching the Charcuterie Selection of Savoyard specialities, and 1.5kg terrines of wild mushroom paté, smooth country style paté and chicken terrine with vegetables. MAPLEMARK (RCPEQ) Stand: 5032 The certification programme for 100% pure maple syrup, MapleMark guarantees the origin, purity, authenticity and quality of syrup from maple tree to store shelf. MARKUS PRODUCTS Stand:2532 A new range of easy to use packs of plain, garlic or herb floret butter portions, garlic spreads and garlic cooking oil, will be featured along with a new selection of low fat fillings for the convenience food sector. Based on breadcrumb, pasta, rice, couscous, and Chinese noodles, the new line offers a range of flavour combinations, for meat and fish organic versions are available. BERNARD MATTHEWS Stand: 2524 Frozen single serve ready meals in three recipes - Spanish paella, Mexican tex-mex and Mediterranean risotto - are to be marketed under the "bootiful" label, alongside new Family Value turkey goujons. Also revamped to extend shelf life are Butter Basted Turkey Breast Joints and Turkey Oval Steaks. MAYORAL UK Stand 1026 A new range of speciality foods from South America includes smoked quails eggs in glass jars, hearts of palm in brine, and banana candy. Also available for the first time are Spanish vinegars with cherry, cider, rosemary, garlic and white wine, together with lemon dressing. Mayoral UK is the exclusive distributor for Oleostepa premium Spanish olive oils. MAYUR FOODS Stand: 4425 A range of authentic Indian recipe naans, pitta bread, pitta pockets and naan pizza, are available fresh, chilled or frozen. They are now being produced in a purpose built production facility, using traditional tandoor clay ovens. MEATINGPOINT.COM Stand: 4830 All day demonstrations of a new web based trading facility for the meat industry. Visitors can discuss how their organisation might benefit from the system, launched in November, which encourages trade between buyers and suppliers world wide. MILLERS FOODS Stand: 2723 Showing for the first time will be an extensive range of individual quick frozen and canned pineapple. Also a range of quality cooked frozen fruits, vegetables, and pasta for the retail, catering and manufacturing industries offered in bulk under the Westfro brand or as own label. MISSION Stand 1805 Aimed at the bakery shelves in key UK retailers, Mission's European range of tortilla wraps includes Original, Sun Dried and Herb, sold in packs of six. Its tortilla chips in four varieties - Lightly Salted, Nacho Cheese, Paprika and Cool - come in 200g plus a 400g Lightly Salted bag. The company is keen to pursue both own label and branded opportunities in the UK as well as food service and manufacturing rights. GEORGE MORRIS & SON Stand: 2912 Cooked chicken in every form will be featured, including nuggets, steaks, southern fried portions and plain cooked meat. MULTI LABELS Stand: 4144 Label manufacturer and design studio, also supplying software and thermal printers for rent or purchase. Design services include labelling, promotional literature, corporate print and packaging projects. NICCO FOODS Stand: 2933 With a strong emphasis on the food to go sector, Nicco Foods - suppliers of branded and own label European products - will be serving jacket toppers, Cornish pasties and hot filled breads and wraps. New to the market are Toscopan's range of ambient long life Italian breads for catering and retail, plus filo pastries, microwaveable strudels, marinaded fish fillets and clotted cream desserts. NORDEX FOODS (UK) Stand: 4914 Owner of the Dairyland Organic brand and manufacturers of organic and non organic dairy products for own label, Nordex will be showcasing Dairyland drinking yogurts due for retail launch this summer and well as two new continental organic cheeses - ricotta and marscapone - plus a range of organic dairy desserts. northern ireland pavilion Stands: 3732/44 Trade International - NI's main export and trade body - brings 12 food and drink companies to the exhibition to showcase traditional products alongside some of the more up to the minute developments. NUTRICIA DAIRY & DRINKS Stand: 3230 The fastest growing dairy drinks brand, DrinkFit Yoghurt, appears for the first time in 330ml bottles alongside the existing prisma cartons in four fruity flavours - strawberry, peach-mango, cherry, and blueberry & blackcurrant. The company also promotes continental brand leader, the canned Belgian milk chocolate drink, Chocomel, now available in the UK. NUTTALL Stand 2933 Unique hot air technology drives Turboserve, the innovative self service hot food display cabinet from Alan Nuttall. Aimed at the food to go market, Turboserve's heat retention system allows a wide variety of hot cooked foods to be displayed for two to six hours. See Turboserve in operation on the Nicco Foods stand. OLIVES ET AL Stand:1926 A one stop shop for independent retailers seeking a taste of the Med, Olives Et Al offers an extended range of sun drenched products, including olive oils, olives, pestos, tapenades, honey nuts and habas fritas, manufactured in the UK from premium products. ONKEN Stand: 6114 Still in its infancy, Onken Kids Mousse, the new fruit, fromage frais and natural yogurt combo with added vitamins and calcium, targets four to nine year olds in three flavours. Meanwhile, its mature stable mates enjoy a raft of flavour extensions and additions.BioPot Lite welcomes lemon to the range and a 1kg strawberry yogurt bucket is introduced for families. ONLINE COMPUTER SERVICES Stand: 4944 SalesTalk and eSales24 promise a fresh approach to telesales and order processing. A standalone software programme, SalesTalk's key features include sophisticated promotions handling and real time access to data held elsewhere on the system. eSales24 is a round the clock ordering system, which allows orders to be placed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. OP CHOCOLATE/CEMOI GROUP Stand: 4634 Suppliers of quality brand and own label wafer, mallow and savoury products to the UK and export trade, Merthyr Tydfil based OP Chocolate is part of the Cemoi Group, confectionery specialists and suppliers to more than 50 countries. Also showing, the Ecocert endorsed organic range of quality chocolate produced by specialist division Kaoka which manufactures own brand and own label. ORCHARD HOUSE Stand: 1538 Three breakfast smoothies are at the heart of a new range of early morning products from one of the UK's leading manufacturer of juices and prepared fruits. Also launching are breakfast snack pots, including cereals and strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and yogurt, and tropical oat crunch with canteloupe melon, oat crunch, blueberries and coconut. THE ORGANIC SPIRITS COMPANY Stand: 4702 Produced at London's smallest distillery, award winning organic Juniper Green Gin and UK 5 Vodka are available in 700ml bottles at 37.5% abv and through the on-trade. Both have Soil Association accreditation and took gold and silver awards in the International Wine and Spirit Challenge. Juniper Green was also voted best gin in the International 2000 Spirits Challenge. THE PACKAGED ICE COMPANY Stand: 2522 Buyers visiting the above stand will meet the 'cool gang' and can be assured they won't be given the cold shoulder. On display will be Party Ice free-flow packaged ice cubes for the retail and catering markets. GW PADLEY Stand: 2644 The company is a leading supplier of poultry. Its technically advanced primary processing and prepared food factories operate within strict EC guidelines to produce a wide range of high quality chicken products. A selection of its diverse range will feature. PCS EUROPA Stand: 2715 An original range of prepared tapas and paella dishes will be displayed to herald PCS' arrival in the UK. The tapas range includes stuffed red peppers, peeled prawns in garlic sauce, Spanish omelette and battered squid rings. The paella will be available in two varieties, both made with Valencian rice. PENNY LANE FOODS Stand: 2835 The company is making its IFE debut and will use the show to raise its industry profile. It will display its range of frozen foods, including a new selection of gourmet sausages and burger products. PERKINS FOODS Stand: 1632 The exhibit will be divided into four categories -- Taste of Asia, Bistro BBQ and Deli. There will be a number of new lines on show including a range of chilled meal solutions and meat based, hot eating, frozen sandwich fillings. Ethnic foods will be much in evidence. A number of Perkins' subsidiary companies will exhibit. PHILPOT FOODS Stand: 4100 Chilled fresh Belgian chocolates manufactured by Ovidias, in a 100g ring pull can, will be launched at the show. Other new lines include Grillinis, launched to fill a gap between quiche and pizza; gourmet chilled desserts, Yummy cakes and celebration cakes. THE PIMPERNEL WHARF AGENCY Stand: 4921 The company represents a number of cheese and dairy producers, supplying retailers with a large range of products at competitive prices. Its range includes vegetarian and organic products. R&JM PLACE Stand: 2800 On show for the first time will be a range of English organically grown and frozen bean sprouts, and standard bean, pea and onion sprouts. Fresh strawberries and raspberries available May to September. PORTER FOODS Stand: 1304 The company will launch 'dolphin-friendly' tuna. Saupiquet tuna will be available in a range of sizes. Porter Foods will also display Thai sauces, pastes and rice. Its own brand of wet herbs and spices will sit beside proprietary brands. PREFERRED PACKAGING EUROPE Stand: 4144 On display will be a range of sandwich packaging, including hinged lid containers and open film sealed containers. The company also supplies sealing films and containers suitable for microwave usage. PRIDE VALLEY FOODS Stand: 4212 The company hopes to take another slice of the flat bread market when it launches a new range at IFE. Pride Valley has developed a naan bread for bakery, grocery and catering stockists. It is also moving into the snack and party foods market with Button Bites mini pitta breads that can be used for filling, dipping or topping. There is also a selection of wraps and other new lines. PRINSEN UK Stand: 2105 A Dutch company specialising in the production, distribution and sales of powdered food and beverage products, the firm supplies both own label and branded product. On show will be new variants and existing recipe improvements, plus the Maxim range of sports nutritional products. PRO-PAK FOODS Stand: 1422 Chilled ready meals with a 28-day shelf life, including Indian, Italian, Chinese, British, Tex Mex main meals and puddings, for the wholesale, export, independent trade and catering. PROPER CORNISH Stand: 4112 The company has been developing a new range of savoury slices, which will be launched at the show. PC's range of pasties consists of cheese & ham, peppered steak, chicken tikka, roast chicken & asparagus, and Mediterranean vegetable. JG QUICKE Stand: 4923 The company is using IFE to launch Quickes mini truckle -- a miniature version of the traditional cheddar. A new range of Quickes ploughmans has also been introduced. In addition to its traditional farmhouse cheddar, show visitors can also taste the Quickes range of regional cheeses, including Double Gloucester, Red Leicester, cheddar with herbs, and oak smoked cheddar. QUICK FILL Stand: 2613 The sister company of Longday Foods will be launching a range of fresh chilled sandwich fillings with a three-month shelf life, obtained by using the latest pasteurisation technology. Packed in 1kg tubs in 6 x 1kg cases, the new lines are suitable for a variety of applications including ready meals, potato, vol-au-vent and tortilla fillings. Quick Fill will showcase the range of chicken, seafood, egg, cheese, meat and vegetarian products. RADNOR HILLS Stand: 6218 IFE will see the launch of the Kids Club range of still flavoured spring water with added vitamins in five flavours -- rhubarb & custard, bubblegum, sherbet lemon, orange and strawberry, all packed in 12 x 330ml bottles. RAPS (UK) Stand: 2412 The company produces seasonings, sauces and marinades for food manufacturing. Its 300 lines include dry cured hams, patés & liver sausage, dairy products, raw sausage, fish, salad dressings, cooked sausage and confectionery. It also develops to customer specifications. RAINES YDC DAIRY INGREDIENTS Stand: 6123 The company is the specialist ingredients division of Yoplait Dairy Crest and will be showing a range of new concepts at IFE. Samples to look out for include a range of premium dips in new flavours such as curried mango, sweet dips featuring strawberry & vanilla and orange & maple syrup, and soft cheese flavours including lemon meringue, banoffee and cappuccino. THE RAYNER FOOD GROUP Stand: 2205 Martlet Natural Foods was acquired by Rayner last year and will be showing organic cider and apple sauce, and organic Cumberland sauces. Also on offer will be a selection of organic lines including chutneys, conserves, golden syrup and mincemeat. Martlet will exhibit its PLJ pure lemon juice and also on the stand will be Crusha milk shake syrup, complete with new packaging. REAL WORLD MARKETING Stand:1016 The company believes that a show dedicated to food and drink products is the ideal setting for exhibitors and buyers to talk to it about their marketing tactics. Real World managing director Roger Jackson and his team will be on hand to discuss all aspects of the marketing equation. RH PACKAGING Stand: 2748 The Dynaseal semi-automatic packaging machine, said to be ideal for small batch production, for businesses getting into the ready meals market, busy serveover counters and food halls, makes its debut. Two other systems will be demonstrated -- the Barcoper designed for serveovers, delicatessens and food halls, and the Pack 2000, suitable for packing fresh, wet fish. A wide range of other packaging material will be on display. RIDPATH PEK Stand: 1424 Two new organic products -- hot dogs and milk chocolate covered nuts and fruits -- plus a range of pre-sliced Polish deli meats and extra lean PEK chopped pork are among the new products from Ridpath Pek. The new lines will be shown alongside the company's health foods, confectionery, canned meats and vegetables, deli meats and food ingredients from European producers. Deli meats come in modified atmospheric packs, while Pek Gold chopped pork has only a 10% fat content. RIVERSIDE FOODS Stand: 2812 Two new products will be unveiled at IFE as part of the company's relaunch of its range of cooked frozen chicken products. The newcomers are pre-cooked kebabs in three variants, and Cut Chicken, which can be reheated from frozen. FREDERIC ROBINSON Stand: 6223 The company will be exhibiing three beers -- Old Tom strong ale with an abv of 8.5%, Frederic's premium beer and Robinson's best bitter. RONDANINI UK Stand: 1714 The company distributes the Italfresco brand on the retail market. It consists of Italian ambient filled pastas in four varieties, gnocchi in plain and tri-colour variants and ready-made polenta. New for IFE are three varieties of Italfresco Cappelletti -- ham & cheese, spicy peppers & cheese, and mushrooms, in 250g packs. ROS MARKETING AND SALES Stand: 1531 The company gives direct access to some of Italy's leading food producers of oils, vegetables, vinegars, juices, jams, cheeses and charcuterie -- including vegetarian and organic ranges.ROS manages the entire process including sales, delivery and administration. ROWSE HONEY Stand: 1935 Rowse Easy Squeezy organic, acacia and orange blossom honey will be launched at IFE. There is also the Rowse fruit coulis range made with an 85% fruit level comprising raspberry, summer fruit, mango and lime, plus a selection of coffee flavouring syrups. RUBICON Stand: 6705 The company's exotic fruit drinks in mango, passionfruit, guava, guanabana, lychee and coconut water come in 1litre, 250ml cartons and 250ml glass bottles, and can be sampled on the stand as can its new Sun Exotic range with pineapple & coconut and tropical fruit flavours. JP RYAN FROZEN FOODS Stand: 2513 The company will deliver its Ardo-Ryan frozen vegetables according to customer specifications. This includes in-house distribution, plastic pallets and cases which exceed hygiene requirements, full product traceability, a laser controlled production system, testing and soil analysis. RYNE QUALITY cONFECTIONERY Stand: 1612 The importer of continental confectionery will be showing a new range of 400g Cameo Collection assorted pralines, milk truffles, hearts and mini pralines. There will also be the repackaged Droste range of chocolate pastilles in 11 varieties and other new lines. Also on show will be confectionery from Finland and from Neideregger of Lubeck. S&A FOODS Stand: 1622 A leading authority on international ready meals, the company's extensive portfolio includes Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. A pioneer of deli-style service with Waitrose's Noodle Bar and Asda's Curry Pot. SANDWICH SUPPLIES Stand: 1441 Twelve new salads and a range of marinated meats join the South Wales' manufacturer's130-plus sandwich fillings for the food service industry. With own distribution and a new plant, the company produces more than 35 tonnes of product every week. SAPORI D'ITALIA UK Stand: 1314 Retail suppliers offering a large selection of pesto sauces, vegetable patés, marinated Mediterranean olives and vegetables prepared in the UK from sun fresh Italian ingredients. New to the range is the aromatic Don Turi Extra Virgin Olive Oil, seafood and pesto sauces in 200g tubs. Scotland pavilion Stand: 3112 One of the show's centrepieces for the last 12 years, the pavilion will house more than 45 Scottish companies featuring a wide selection of products. SEABROOK POTATO CRISPS Stand: 4622 Manufacturers of big bag 50g, single 31.8g and six pack crisps, supplying retail and food service. Eighteen varieties of Crinkle Cut, including Mexican Chilli, Indian Tandoori Canadian Ham. Also Straight Cut and Ripple crisps. SILVER HILL FOODS Stand: 2905 Family owned Irish poultry suppliers to the retail and catering industries, specialising in GMO and growth promoter free duck. Thirty lines of raw and cooked product include honey roast half ducklings, boneless Chinese roast and shredded duck pancakes. SPRING COOL SOFT DRINKS Stand: 6330 Heading straight for the kids' market, Straw Pops - the world's first straw in a bottle drink - is shaping up to be the new craze in pester products. The collectable bottles in eyepopping colours feature concertina straws which can be moulded and connected in endless combinations. SOLECO Stand: 1832 Healthy snacks with added interest and bigger flavours presented in new look packs for retail launch Florette's summer range. Caesar Salad with Croutons, Caesar Dressing and Parmesan, and Italian Salad with Tomato Croutons and Herb and Olive Oil Dressing join the snack bowl lineup, while two new baby leaf mixes in clear rigid trays - Nantaise Salad and Connoisseur Salad - give added on shelf appeal. SOUTH CAERNARFON CREAMERIES & SINGLETON DAIRIES Stand: 4933 One of the largest independent cheesemakers in the UK, South Caernarfon Creameries relaunches its distinctive green waxed vintage cheddar, Old Shire, for the export trade along with a range of innovative new products, packaging and design for the 6,500 tonnes of cheese made annually at its North Wales dairy. SWALEDALE CHEESE CO Stand: 3141 This award-winning North Yorkshire creamery will be unveiling new handmade dales cheeses. These include Italiana made from a blend of cows milk, fresh basil and sun-dried tomatoes, and a goats cheese in olive oil. SWEET TEMPTATIONS Stand: 4644 Retail and promotional confectionery suppliers, Sweet Temptations pops the question with Party Drink, a special occasion sparkling mineral water and fruit drink for kids. In apple, white grape and blueberry flavours, Party Drink comes in Teddy Bear,Looney Tunes, Father Christmas and new Dinosaur designs. Also featuring brown and white crystal sugar sticks, available in two sizes and own label or standard clear view packaging. ST HUBERT FOODS Stand: 4907 Importers and distributors, supplying food service and retail with premium ambient, chilled and frozen products, including hams, cheeses, fresh soups, sandwich fillings, juices and cakes. National distribution using own fleet. T & T BEVERAGES Stand: 6314 TV's Popstars sponsor rolls out its all new 2001 range on the back of the spectacularly successful sassy real fruit thirstquenchers - T&T Jazzberry, Cool Lemon, Tropcombo and Citrus Zing. A TASTE OF THE SOUTH EAST Stand: 3023 One stop shop for speciality food buyers, supplying direct links to hundreds of food producers and processors across the South East. Producers and products showcased in the South East "Dome" include, beer, preserve, sauce, tea, juice, bakery, meat and egg supplies, supported by own distribution network. TASTE TRENDS Stand: 2634 Colombo fat free frozen yogurts break the ice with the launch of its first 100ml mini tubs for impulse and 500ml take home buckets. Previously only available to catering, the popular soft serve retail flavours include Double Dutch Chocolate, Alpine Strawberry, Vanilla Dream and Chocolate Mint Truffle. Also launching for catering customers is Fat Free Frozen Yoghurt Smoothie Base. KH TAYLOR Stand: 2635 Suppliers of individual quick frozen vegetables to the food industry in bulk 10-25kg pack and 907g bags under the GardenGold label. Products mixed to customer's specifications. TAYLOR NELSON SOFRES Stand: 4302 Inciteful analysis of grocery trends and fresh food stats from the fourth largest marketing information group in the world. Data gathering in UK, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands and Belgium allows clients to understand the international food marketplace, combined with bespoke qualitative and quantitative research set against purchasing data. TECHNI-ICE UK Stand: 2114 Grocery transport and packaging solutions for mail order, home shopping and business to business deliveries. Specialists in refrigerants and packaging for organic, dairy, fresh meat, fish, flowers and other temperature sensitive goods, including alternatives to refrigerated vehicles. TEMPEX ISP Stand: 2700 Specialist manufacturer of cold store, chill and refrigerated clothing offering complete protection and maximum mobility in extreme conditions. TERBEKE Stand: 1438 European fresh food manufacturer of lasagne, pasta meals, pizza and sauces plus paté and delicatessen products. THONG SIEK FOOD INDUSTRY Stand: 4033 Suppliers of authentic Thai cuisine to catering and retail, showcasing fish, vegetable, cuttlefish and lobster balls, crab sticks and Thai tom yum fish cakes. TRACKLEMENTS Stand: 1938 Chilli Jam and Salsa Balsamica are spicy new additions to Tracklements' speciality condiment range from Wiltshire aimed at retailers and caterers. Yellow, Red and Brown Devill Sauces get a pep up, relaunched in new bottles as Sweet Mustard Ketchup, Tomato and Pepper Ketchup and Fruity Brown Sauce. TRUSTIN UNIMERCHANTS Stand: 1612A Leading importer and supplier of international fine foods for grocery unveils the Boulevard adult snack brand makeover with new flavours, packaging and organic variants. Also showcasing Mediterranean olives, durum wheat pasta and sauces, plus new sponge cakes from Spain's largest manufacturer. TURNERS DAIRIES Stand: 66113 Winners of three gold awards at the recent world cheese and dairy competition, the company is launching lemon creme fraiche and strawberry creme fraiche in 80g portions. The luxury desserts contain real fruit pieces. It is also featuring a new complete meal tray for the travel/leisure sector. TWINEHAM GRANGE FARM Stand: 6035 Award winning UK producers of Italian style cheeses aimed at manufacturing, retail, catering and food service users. Export markets already include Russia, Hong Kong, the USA, India and... Italy! Flagship Twineham Grange Italian style premium cheese was recently named Best Export Cheese 2000. ULKER Stand: 4404 Turkish exporters of biscuits, chocolates, cakes and confectionery, producing more than 350 tons of chocolate and 500 tons of biscuits every day. Ulker includes more than 600 products in its portfolio with 10 products launching across two categories at the show. VAN LAUREN Stand: 1535 Fudges made under Stanleys brand, presented in a new 200g retail format, will be unveiled by Van Lauren, which recently acquired the brand. Made to traditional recipes in four flavours - butter, chocolate, rum and raisin, and pecan nut. welsh pavilion Stand:3212/3222 Wales will have its largest IFE presence to date, with more than 30 companies exhibiting within the Welsh Development Agency area. . WENSLEYDALE CREAMERY Stand: 6022 Creator of original Wensleydale with cranberries and Wallace and Gromit Wensleydale. The company is also also a specialist manufacturer and maturer of Red Leicester, Double Gloucester and Sage Derby. Leaders in the field of waxed, blended, flavoured and smoked cheeses. WESSEX FARE Stand: 1900 Suppliers of ethnic sauces to the retail and catering trades, including top selling Viceroy curry sauce brand and Kylin stir fry sauce. Packed in 350g resealable pots for retail and 1.22kg jars for restaurants. WIESENHOF Stand: 2625 Manufacturers of a range of innovative chilled chicken nibbles aimed at the over-25s. Selection includes spice drenched drumsticks, repackaged as Chicken Spare Ribs Salsa, and bite-sized Chicken Popcorn in two flavours. . WILSON'S Stand: 1919 DIY gingerbread men lead Wilson's new gift range. The six pack, which contains ready baked biscuits and icing tubes, lines up alongside biscuits, teas and preserves. BRIAN WOGAN Stand: 1943 The Bristol based coffee importer and roaster will launch the first range of naturally decaffeinated coffees - At Last. Using high quality coffee beans from the renowned growing areas of Sumatra, Guatemala and Brazil, the blends, which are decaffeinated using the patented Swiss Water process, are stylishly presented. WORLD WIDE TRADERS Stand: 1024 Wholesalers, exporters and importers of branded soft drinks, household goods and toiletries. Products include Fanta, Sprite, Pampers, Huggies and a new hand sanitiser from the Canadian Kue range. YE OLDE OAK Stand: 2434 Hot to trot Chilli Dogs are the UK's first flavoured variant, from canned ham and hot dog producer Ye Olde Oak, while its new Giant Hot Dogs are grocery's Hound of the Baskervilles. Available in a whopping five to a 560g can, Giant Hot Dogs are a beefed up version of Jumbos, repackaged with an American diner theme. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}