Patak's has taken Indian food into new territory with the launch of a Tikka Masala Wrap Kit this week. This expands the already buoyant meal kit market, which the company values at £10.5m with 49% growth. It also adds another sector to Patak's portfolio, which includes sauces, pastes, marinades, spices, relishes, ready meals, as well as a new snack range launched last month. The Wrap Kit, which serves two, aims for authentic components. It contains six wholemeal chapattis, an 80g serving of tikka masala paste, a 120g pouch of raita, and a 120g serving of tomato relish ­ all Patak's products. The preparation process takes 10 minutes. The filling ­ chicken is suggested but beef, quorn or vegetables can also be used ­ is fried in the paste, while the chapattis are warmed. Raita and relish are then spread on to the chapattis with the filling and then the wraps are folded. Rsp £2.89. {{MARKETING - P&P }}