Lever Fabergé is adding a third variant, Vital Instinct, to its Physio Sport ensemble from April 16 and is investing £4m in the brand. It is also introducing new translucent packaging across the range and replacing the current roll-on designs with a new ergonomic pack. The new fragrance, which contains Indian Sandalwood, is described as, "green and aromatic" and is said to bring a "freshness proposition" to the brand. It will have bright green packaging featuring a new' flash and will be available in the four SKUs ­ shower gel, deodorant bodyspray, anti-perspirant aerosol and antiperspirant roll on. "Physio Sport is now perceived as a brand for sports lovers, both doers and users," said brand activation manager Jo Teasdale. "The launch of Vital Instinct will recruit new users into the brand." New TV advertising will hit screens in mid June and will be supported by instore activity and PoS. {{MARKETING - P&P }}