IPC Media is to close six of its consumer magazines because of their poor performance. Weekly women's title Your Life closes with immediate effect, while the monthly titles Woman's Journal, Your Garden, and Homes & Ideas will also be axed alongside Marie Claire Health & Beauty, which recently changed from monthly to bi-monthly. Practical Parenting's Complete Guide to Pregnancy will cease standalone publication and be folded back into its parent title, Practical Parenting. All the affected titles dropped overall circulation in the last ABC audit (June 2001), notably Practical Parenting (down 22% year on year); Your Garden (down 17%); and Woman's Journal and Practical Parenting's Complete Guide to Pregnancy (both down 11%). Your Life, which launched in April with a £2m celebrity-backed campaign, did not record an ABC but its October marketing drive ­ aimed at the target audience of 35-plus ABC1 women ­ failed to boost sales sufficiently to save the title. Woman's Journal was launched in 1927 and is the oldest title in the group that is folding. The last issue will be in February. Homes & Ideas and Marie Claire H&B last issue will be Dec/Jan, while Your Garden ceases publication after the January issue. Sly Bailey, chief executive of IPC Media, said: "We have looked at all of the options for each of these businesses, including the opportunities afforded to us now that we are part of the AOL Time Warner family. "This is the only sensible commercial course of action. We must continue to focus our resource on the key brands which drive profit growth. This entails closing loss-making titles which can't be returned to profitability." {{CTN }}