Kinnerton is launching a chocolate product that takes its inspiration from ice cream.
Lolly Truffle is a three-strong range of biscuit and chocolate confections shaped like ice creams and with their own stick. Aimed at women, they are designed to be eaten like an ice cream, and have similar flavours.
The range includes Caramel Toffee Crunch, with caramel and malt truffle with toffee pieces and shortcake covered in milk chocolate; Mixed Berry Crunch with berry truffle, fruit pieces and shortcake wrapped in white chocolate; and Cookies & Cream, with vanilla and
chocolate truffle and shortcake coated in milk chocolate.
The chocolate company, which is best known for its children’s character-licensed products, has teamed up with Irish chocolatier Lily O’Briens to create the new brand, called Cocoa Deli, for the launch. Kinnerton will manufacture the products at its Fakenham, Norfolk, plant. Plans for more Cocoa Deli products, including share buckets for adults, are also in the pipeline for launch next spring.
“Kinnerton is not known in the adult arena, so we created a new adult brand with the endorsement of Lily O’Briens,” said Trinity Smith, marketing assistant at Kinnerton.
The lines, rsp 59p for a 45g bar and £1.15 for a twin-pack, will compete with premium brands and are designed for impulse. They go into Tesco Express and Metro next week, into Woolworths this month and Sainsbury Local next month.
Stefan Chomka