Zippy, the mouthy star of children's TV programme Rainbow, is to front the second ad in Marmite's 100th birthday campaign. This will hit screens on February 4 for a four-month run. Continuing the brand's love it/hate it theme, the ad shows the notoriously greedy and talkative, zip-mouthed puppet speechless when he bites into a Marmite soldier. Rather than taste any more, he closes his mouth. Two other ad executions will run concurrently. One features members of an Everest expedition who are confined to their tent. Two of them are so disgusted by their travelling companion's meal of Marmite toast that they resort to wearing gas masks. The other focuses on an early 20th century freak show where a crowd are horrified to see the Marmite man eat spoonfuls of the vegetable spread straight from the jar. {{P&P }}