Sir; Patrick Holden was reported in The Grocer (February 2) as suggesting that the Soil Association, of which he is director, should be the only registered UK accreditation body for organic produce. Such a move would be bad news for UK farmers. UK organic farmers need to follow accredited standards that put them on a level playing field with imports, and not way above them. Such imports, from within and without the EU, currently meet accepted but different organic standards that also make commercial sense. Labelled "organic", these products then compete with higher cost UK production which conforms to standards arbitrarily laid down by the Soil Association. Fortunately there are at least nine other organic produce organisations accredited in the UK, each with its own high standards. If we wish to see the growth in the organic market going to UK farmers, these are the bodies to be encouraged. Philip Bushill-Matthews Member of the European Parliament {{LETTERS }}