Rosie Davenport
The Portman Group has introduced tough new guidelines to crack down on manufacturers of alcoholic drinks.
The industry-supported body has widened its remit to cover the promotion and marketing of drinks as well as the way they are packaged.
Portman Group director Jean Coussins said: "We are plugging another gap and extending the code.
"Alcoholic drinks will no longer be able to be packaged or promoted in a way which suggests bravado, sexual or social success.
"We also want to make sure all promotional activity can be seen as socially responsible."
The new guidelines will also put sponsorship deals under the microscope to ensure producers don't overstep the mark with inappropriate branding. Complaints will still be dealt with by an independent panel and the "naming and shaming of rogue manufacturers" through press adverts will continue to deter irresponsible practice.
As part of the shake-up the Portman Group has backed away from policing how alcohol is sold in stores by dropping the merchandising section from its code.
The Portman Group's director of policy and resources, David Poley, said: "We are not saying it is OK for retailers to put alcohol by the sweets counter. Staff also still need to ask for proof of age, but I think retailers will exercise their own responsibility. If licensing officers think retailers attempt to appeal to under-18s they could threaten that store's licence."
Sainsbury's director of wine, Allan Cheesman, said: "Responsible retailers are well aware of the guidelines and adhere to them."

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