So is this the summer of value food?

Maybe. I think that over the past few years people have forgotten about own-label value food, but times are changing. In our store at least, we have been working hard to remind shoppers of the quality and value of own-label food and drink. But it's a situation that is affecting all retailers and we are all having to work harder to get shoppers through the door.

Has the summer price war started already?

I don't know about a price war but we certainly have an unprecedented number of ranges on special offer. Customers are going mad for promotions at the moment. Our entire central aisle is filled with half-price offers and bogofs. Asda and Morrisons can rightly feel proud of their promotional activity, but I think we are leading the way.

What are your top-selling products?

We are seeing a phenomenal trade in charcoal at the moment. People really missed out on barbecues last year so they are making up for it now. Ice creams and salads are also flying off the shelves. The weather is affecting eating patterns and we have to suddenly adapt to the demand for different foods, which can be quite challenging.

Does the weather also affect footfall patterns?

Yes. When it's hot we are usually quiet during the day because people want to make the most of the sun. But first thing in the morning and again in the evening it is very busy indeed. This requires careful management of staffing.

Tesco is only the third best-suited store to Wath - surprised?

I'm not surprised because the nearby Morrisons and Asda have been here for a long time and are more established, whereas we are only five years old and still new in town for many locals.

More than 230,000 Facebook users are panic-buying carrots on Thursday (May 15) for an online prank - are you ready? I wasn't aware, so thanks for the warning! We'll have to be prepared for the genuine customers as well as the jokers.