Red Tractor is gearing up for a new drive to get supermarkets and food manufacturers to use its logo on more products and more prominently on packs with a big in-store campaign in the autumn.

Assured Food Standards, which runs Red Tractor, is talking to retailers about running a number of Sunday lunch-themed activities in the third quarter of this year, including a 'nominate your Sunday lunch hero' consumer campaign and newspaper competitions. AFS also plans to get high-profile industry figures to publicly 'sign up' to Red Tractor, providing photo opportunities throughout the summer.

The move comes after ­research conducted by AFS showed that 55% of consumers were now aware of the Red Tractor logo, second only to Fairtrade, but their understanding that Red Tractor stands for issues such as high food and farming standards and a commitment to food safety, animal welfare and environmental protection could still be improved. There were "spikes" in consumer awareness and understanding every time Red Tractor ran a specific campaign, so "we're looking to do more sustained information campaigns in the future," said AFS CEO David Clarke.

AFS's research had also shown that a third of all retail products eligible to carry the Red Tractor logo did not currently do so, Clarke added. "Red Tractor is already on £11bn worth of products, but our target is to improve use of Red Tractor even further," he said. AFS was looking to reach £12bn of products within the next 12 months, Clarke added.

Discounters such as Aldi and Lidl have been keen to embrace Red Tractor, and AFS's latest audit showed Lidl as the supermarket that uses the logo most widely, with 80% of the products captured in the audit carrying the logo, followed by Tesco (77%), Asda and Morrisons (both 74%). By contrast, Waitrose uses the Red Tractor logo on just 38% of its products, with just 5% of those carrying it on the front of packs. Sainsbury's uses the logo on 67% of eligible products.