>>deodorants dominate

The men’s toiletries market has grown quickly over the past 12 months, increasing its value by 8% in this period. This is a developing, expanding market where new shoppers are found and pricing is not as crucial or as stringent as in more developed categories.
The category continues to be dominated by deodorants where male-specific ranges are more important to the wider category.
In this market, men’s deodorants have more purchasers and are bought more frequently than any other sector.
All of the larger sectors are in growth - fragrances, shaving soaps and skincare all growing more quickly than the market as a whole. The most rapid growth has come from the smaller sectors: men’s shampoos and toilet soaps have both doubled in value at least.
Male skincare has grown by nearly a quarter over the past year. It has been successful in finding more buyers, but most crucial to rising spend has been that this sector is now being purchased much more frequently.
This has been aided by new ranges, most notably from L’Oréal and Boots, and also from changing use of these products.
Although most of the multiples have contributed to the overall growth of the market, the most rapid has come from more specialist stores: Boots, Superdrug, Savers and Wilkinson all over-performing this year.
Boots has performed strongly in men’s toiletries and increased share to claim close to one quarter of the total market, being especially strong in the crucial deodorants sector.
Established brand names continue to dominate. There is remarkably little movement in the top ranges, with extensions of trusted brand names as important as new names entering the market.
Edward Greggs, TNS Superpanel
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