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Product: campo viejo Rosé
Company: Allied domecq
Price: £4.99 per bottle

Campo Viejo Rosé has been launched as a young, easy-drinking style of wine made from 100% Tempranillo. It is pale salmon pink in colour with a fresh berry aroma.

Consumer's verdict
Rob Mcphilemy, Police inspector, 40, chichester
This wine comes in a very attractive packaging with limited use of colours, which I think worked really well. On tasting it, I was surprised as it did not taste anything like I would have imagined. It was much drier than I had anticipated, but after a few sips, I got used to it and it was quite palatable. The product looks like a rosé but tastes and smells much more like a dry white wine. Although the £4.99 price tag is fair, I would not rush out to buy this product because of its similarity to a dry white wine. If I bought a rosé, I would expect it to taste sweeter.

Score: 15/25

Expert's verdict
Ian Mclernon, marketing & sales director, unwins
The packaging is distinctly Spanish, with a traditional look and feel. Viejo has some fantastic copy on the rear label that is genuinely informative, easy to understand and written with the consumer in mind. The liquid itself, with its pale salmon pink colour, differentiates the rosé variant from the other Viejo variants on the shelf. The liquid is also distinctive with a fruity cherry-led flavour and a slight hint of spice that is not too challenging, and thus perfect for everyday drinking. A good product, which at £4.99 will no doubt sell well and further increase Campo Viejo’s strength in the UK.

Score: 22/25

Total score: 37/50