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Bacardi Breezer diet orange and vanilla
From: Bacardi-Martini

The launch of Bacardi Breezer Diet Orange and Vanilla comes months after the drinks giant introduced the concept in a lemon variant. The 5% abv RTD is aimed at developing what Bacardi believes could be a profitable sub category.
Price: £1.28-£1.79 for a 275ml bottle

Total score: 24/50
consumer’s verdict
Sarah Bucknell, 27, Teacher, Devon
You can definitely tell this Bacardi Breezer is a diet version of the brand because of the noticeable lack of sweetener.
Initially the drink tastes like Fanta but because of the vanilla, it’s overpoweringly sweet and I think this addition gives nothing more than an unpleasant after-taste.
Overall I don’t think the vanilla and citrus tastes mix very well. Two citrus fruits might complement each other, but vanilla has a very distinct flavour which I associate with sickly sweets and desserts and not with drinks. In this guise, the vanilla is quite simply too much - even though I have a sweet tooth!
Even though I like the idea of a diet drink and I often have other products in the Breezer range, I don’t think Orange and Vanilla will sell well or enhance the brand. Score: 12/25
buyer’s verdict
Sally Holloway, spirits buyer, Booths
Bacardi Breezer and Smirnoff Ice have consistently been the two largest brands in the RTD sector, which is still worth millions but is slowing down in growth. Innovation is key and secondary brands come and go quickly, so the leaders are forced to develop their brands with new flavours, sizes such as 70cl and Smirnoff Ice in cans.
Breezer has moved significantly into the diet market with a Bacardi and Cola, Diet Lemon and this Diet Orange and Vanilla.
Presentation remains quite classic compared to many cheaper RTDs. It tastes of sherbet with a very strong flavour of vanilla on the finish.
Far too sweet for me, but the Diet range may well appeal to young women. However, with such a distinctive flavour I wouldn’t expect this to have mass appeal or remain popular in the long-term.
Score: 12/25