What is the best way to
get a listing? The experts give their opinions

We&'re still learning, but here&'s what we know so far: a high quality product makes things easier. We focus on provenance and highlight natural ingredients and delicious taste.
Is there a gap in the market? Take your buyer through market research and product-testing feedback to illustrate customers&' level of interest.
Will it help build relationships with a key target group? As an example, mothers of young children are very valuable - they&'re loyal, with a higher than average basket spend.
Show the buyer how you plan to support the launch, encourage trials and drive sales. This doesn&'t require big marketing budgets, but thoughtful, strategic ways of informing your audience about your product&'s location - PR, in-store marketing and sampling, and community initiatives help. Innovative and creative packaging can also bring your proposition to life and show your point of differentiation.

As buyers we&'re looking for suppliers who believe passionately in their products and have identified an opportunity with customer appeal.
Buyers want to work with suppliers who provide complete solutions to customers&' perceived needs. We&'re constantly reviewing assortments and are keen to introduce products that help close a gap in the assortment.
Little Dish had the product and the passion - high quality ready meals targeted at helping young mums provide children with nutritious meals containing clean ingredients.
The company believed in more than just its product, with a real desire to bring it to customers&' attention by supporting marketing initiatives, such as sampling and PR, in-store and across young mums&' publications.
Little Dish&'s production plan inspired our confidence in its capacity to meet demand, and it was clear that it wouldn&'t compromise quality in the hunt for quick volume gains.

Hillary Graves
Managing director,
Little Dish

Phil Barnes
Central buyer, Waitrose