On Sale Monday March 26 Cheshire Life £2.75 from April issue £ Lancashire Life £2.75 from April issue P, CM Moneywise April issue supported by six-sheet posters on 350 sites throughout UK near newsagents ­ running for two weeks; CD-ROM tax calculator £ Variety £5.95 for this special issue dated and on sale today - price will be £4.75 for issue dated and os April 2 On Sale Tuesday March 27 CM Amateur Gardening Issue os today carries a free packet of Thompson & Morgan seeds, worth £1.99 L, OSD American Health & Fitness (Import) The April/May launch has been postponed to June/July 2001 L Cross Stitcher Spring Special Cover dated Spring, £2.99, four issues a year, Future FREQ Hoop (Import) Frequency has increased from six issues a year to 12 from April issue CM Inside Soap Issue 176 carries a competition for a home entertainment system with DVD player £, CM Linux Format DVD £5.99 from April issue of this irregular frequency publication; will carry a DVD covermount £ Ministry £3.60 from April issue £ Web Guide £4.99 from March issue SP Teazer Just 18 Boobmania Special No 1, £3.25, SoR, 60,000 print run, A4, 116 pages, on sale for eight weeks until May 22, Blackhorse Distribution On Sale Wednesday March 28 CM BBC Toybox April issue carries tambourine CM, P The Beano Issue dated March 31, carries Lego sticker; TV commercials, plus ads. in Dandy, Bunty, People's Friend, My Weekly, The Weekly News and The Sunday Post SP Mizz Special Series: Beauty Special £1.60, off sale May 9, MarketForce £ Redline Price correction ­ title remains at £3.50. Future On Sale Thursday March 29 SP 25 Beautiful Gardens Special, £2.80, cover dated Spring/Summer, Aimed at ABC1 35-54 year olds, a 132-page, glossy magazine from IPC Southbank, MarketForce £ Astonishing Spiderman £2.40 from issue dated April 25 (No 72) £ Big Stars £2.50 from issue dated 22/2/01 (No 7) £ Big Wordsearch £1.80 for issue No 17 ­ increase is for one issue only B Classic FM May issue carries an Italian travel supplement £ Country Life £2.50 from the issue dated and on sale today OSD Discovery Issue No 19 due os today will now go os March 22 £ Enter £3.50 from Issue No 2 £ Essential X-Men £2.40 from Issue dated April 25 (No 72) CM, FREQ. Family Wordsearch Jumbo Issue No 49, pen; will be published 13 times a year from this issue CM Garden News Issue os today carries free seeds CM Logical Challenge Issue No 106, pen CM, FREQ The Puzzle Annual Issue No 1 carries pen; will be published 13 times a year from this issue £ The Ring (Import) £2.50 for April issue - the change is for one issue only SP Sandra Special (Import) Issue No 1 os today is a Baby & Toddler Special £ Sound & Vision (Import) £2.50 from April issue -the decrease is for one issue only L, P WWF Metal Sticker Collection Includes 260 stickers and an album, packs of six stickers priced 30p and the A4 album at £1.50, full SoR, MMC; covermounts of stickers and album with WWF magazine, voucher schemes in the Daily Mirror and regional papers OSD What PC? May issue due os today, will go os April 5 On Sale Friday March 30 Saturday March 31 P Animals and You Issue Number 83, Pentel pen; Ads in Beano, Dandy, Shout, My Weekly, People's Friend, The Sunday Post, The Weekly News CM B magazine May issue, features a Super-Hot sealed section, Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) features on the cover CM cd:uk magazine May issue, denim wallet, wrist band and customising sticker kit; plus two for one cinema ticket offer OSD Combat Aircraft Vol 3 No 4 due os March 16, will go os today OSD FHM May issue goes os today DIST International DJ April issue, on sale today, priced at £2.99 will be the first issue to be handled by MMC £ Mad USA (Import) £2.25 from April issue CM Trout & Salmon April issue, carries forceps CM Woman's Journal May issue comes bagged with a free, black totebag {{CTN }}