On Sale Monday November 6 CM AWOL Winter issue, outserted postcard CM Bob the Builder December issue, masks £ MXUK £2.99 from December issue CM She December issue, £2,500 worth of beauty products up for grabs and the magazine has teamed up with After Eight Truffles to offer one reader a holiday in the Maldives On Sale Tuesday November 7 £ Garden Inspirations £2.50 from winter 2000 issue CM Hip Hop Connection December issue, CD £ International DJ Price reduction to £2.95 from December issue SP Teazer Just 18 Pussies £3.25, SoR, Blackhorse; 60,000 print run, A4, 116 pages on sale for eight weeks until January 2, 2001 OSD Teazer Just 18 Christmas Special This title will not now be published £ Woman Price returns to 64p from issue dated November 13 CM Woman's Journal December issue, three scented candles £ Woman's Own Price returns to 64p from issue dated November 13 OSD What's on TV Puzzles Issue 24 due out today will now go on sale on November 21 On Sale Wednesday November 8 CM, P The Beano Issue dated November 11, Swizzles Matlow 5p Fruit Fizzers; advertisements in Dandy, Bunty, People's Friend, My Weekly, The Weekly News, The Sunday Post RL, CM Kerrang! Issue on sale today is the first of the new-look magazine, Best of Year CD CM The Net December issue, A6 booklet £ Rhythm £3.50 from the Christmas issue CM Sky December issue, CD O Tellytime Christmas Cracker £2, issue dated No 1, aimed at four to seven-year-olds, MarketForce CM What Car? December issue, dotcom A5 magazine O Windows Answers £4 one-shot cover-dated Winter, Future Publishing On Sale Thursday November 9 B Camcorder User December issue carries a supplement on desktop videos B Car Magazine December issue, special supplement CM Cat World December issue, free cat food CM Collect-It December issue, Christmas gift £, FREQ Family Wordsearch Jumbo £1.99 from issue No 45, when the title changes to publication every six weeks, next issue is on sale on December 21 SP Galaxy Year Book £3.95, SoR, Blackhorse; 60,000 print run, A4, 164 pages, on sale for eight weeks until January 4, 2001 £ Jumbo Cross Increased to £1.90 for issue No 191 only £, OSD Marie Claire Health & Beauty £3.50 for the December/ January double issue; the following issue will be cover-dated February £ Nursing Times Issue on sale today, with a supplement on women's health CM Practical Photography December issue, Kodak calendar £ Puzzle Monthly £2.20 for issue No 324/5 ­ a double issue B TGO December issue carries a 32-page supplement CM Teletubbies Issue No 42, Teletubbies paints and stickers CM Total DVD December issue, film book CM WOW ­ World of Wrestling December issue bagged with a poster CM What Cellphone and Personal Office December issue, calendar/ diary CM Woodturning December, banded wood turners and a stitched-in catalogue On Sale Friday November 10 Saturday November 11 CM, P Animals and You Issue No 74, lip gloss; plus ads in Beano, Bunty, Dandy, Shout, My Weekly, People's Friend, The Sunday Post and the Weekly News £ American Rodder (Import) £2.95 from December issue ­ this is a price reduction OSD Burn January issue due out today now goes on sale on January 4 £ Cars & Car Conversions £3.20 from November issue CM Expecting Our Baby December issue, blister packed Energising Aromaball OSD F1 News Issue No 21 due today will now go on sale November 1 B F1 Racing December issue carries seaon's review CM FourFourTwo December issue, £59 Ryan Air return ticket to any destination in Seriea League CM Match Issue on sale this week, Soccer tie-ups CM Maxpower December issue, calendar L Official Playstation2 Magazine Launch issue, cover-dated December £4.99, m, Future Publishing OSD Rock Sound December issue due today, now on sale November 23 L, CM Solutions Cover-dated November, £3.99, m, SoR, MMC; games title aimed at 12-25-year-old followers of PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 O Tellytime Christmas Cracker One-shot, £2, cover dated No 1, aimed at four to seven- year-olds, MarketForce £ V Twin (Import) £3.75 from December issue {{CTN }}