by Susan Thomas, account director, TNS Superpanel Household cleaners includes kitchen, bathroom, and all purpose hard surface cleaners, but excludes specific carpet and window cleaners. The household cleaners market is in value growth of 6% in the latest year, which is a stronger performance than the overall packaged grocery market in the same time. This is driven by the largest sector, sprays, continuing to grow mainly through task specific products from all the major brands. In sprays, special shower cleaners are performing particularly well, and on the whole antibacterial products continue to show value increases. The wipes sector continues to show strong growth, although the first to market, Flash Anti Bacterial Wipes, is suffering heavily as competitors and retailers launch their own versions which have attracted many more purchasers into the sector. The two growing sectors have many new buyers just trying these products, but the average number of purchases made by consumers is growing rapidly. The second largest sector, liquids, is showing comparatively steep value decline as buyers drop out of the market and purchase fewer packs. However, the brands which are losing liquids business are generally making it up via strong wipes and sprays growth, so we see very little change in the top brands ranking, although Mr Muscle, Dettox and Domestos particularly drive the total market growth with high value increases. The renaming by Lever Bros of the Jif brand does not seem to have caused any losses in value turnover, although the new Cif range has dropped into third place behind Mr Muscle. Flash holds on to its significant share lead, but has suffered this year in value terms as growth through newer products has failed to compensate for erosion in older cream and liquid products. HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS BY VALUE 52 w/e yr-on-yr Apr 01 2001 % change Value £K Total household cleaners 137,288 6 Gel 2,873 -15 Liquid 35,748 -6 Mousse 13,891 -4 Paste 324 -35 Powder 738 -37 Spray 69,792 16 Wipes 13,922 20 Value shares % Gel 2.1 Liquid 26 Mousse 10.1 Paste 0.2 Powder 0.5 Spray 50.8 Wipes 10.1 Source: Taylor Nelson Sofres Superpanel {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}