an advertising supplement Product Chain Ltd Twyford Mill 55 High Street Twyford Berkshire RG10 9AJ Tel: 01189 344944 Fax: 01189 341399 Website: E-mail: Key personnel Managing Director Simon Dunn Sales Director Charles Foden Office Services Manger Natalie Winstanley Financial Manager Lisa Bryan National Account Managers Lesley Loveday Tracey Foran James Wood Key Accounts Controller Suzanne Impett Key Accounts Managers Pari Barman Michelle Johnson Making all the right links Product Chain has a passion for creating long-term change within the food industry. With its roots in the mid Seventies, when md Simon Dunn began his career at W Jordan (Cereals) Ltd ­ the first innovative healthy food company to step into the mainstream ­ Product Chain has held hands with smaller natural food and similar companies and gently led them into the big league. Current clients include, Amy's Kitchen, Grove Fresh, Get Real, Tim's Dairy, Oxfam, Cawston Vale, Wholebake and Dentyl pH. Most recently, it has been involved with retailers in developing their approach to local sourcing, offering a complete facilitator service, relieving the ordeal for buyers, and finding reliable suppliers who understand the rules. "The opportunity is massive and the demand there, but there has to be commitment from the retailer to make it work," says Dunn. "It is very difficult for a buyer who in the main has bigger and more demanding responsibilities, charged with profit performance, to focus on such a small aspect of their business. This is also true for organic sectors, where again Product Chain has all the know how to put this together for retailers." He's convinced that such specialist brokerage has a future to play in fmcg. "Whilst the move to Cif, Starburst and Sunny Delight are great for multi national companies there will always be a need for local products whether by country or by region." The company is now applying that same strategy to food service with significant effect. "The broker thinking ahead will survive and prosper. Successful brokerages will have leading edge technology and the ability to adapt quickly and efficiently to client and retailer needs. Even global business launches new products in uncharted territory through brokerage companies ­ Proctor & Gamble's well-known relationship with Food Brokers is a great example. Hope for us all yet, then!" {{Z SUPPLEMENTS }}