TV’s most famous fictional water brand is being brought to life.
Entrepreneur Gary Davis has launched Peckam Springs and is hoping his Del Boy-style enterprise will cause a flood of interest.
However, unlike the programme’s version, which saw Only Fools and Horses’ Del bottling mains water in his south London flat, Gary’s drop of H2O is considerably more refined.
Sourced from a spring which lies 83 metres below his farm in Deerplay, near Burnley, the bottled mineral water boasts a high calcium content and is going on sale at 50-70p for a 500ml bottle.
The brand also uses the same style of logo as the programme in which it first made its name, although it has been changed slightly from the original ‘Peckham Spring’ to bypass
trademark problems. The drink is on sale through selected wholesalers and Davis was at this week’s Food and Drink Expo in Birmingham in a bid to take the brand national.
The timing of the launch was not lost on many visitors, coming less than a fortnight after Coca-Cola’s new bottled water Dasani was branded the real-life ‘Peckham Spring’ because the purified H20 comes from Thames Water supplies and is bottled just miles from the south London borough.
“The timing of all this couldn’t be better,” Davis admitted.
Simon Mowbray