Every week The Grocer’s mystery shoppers also visit convenience stores to check out the price of 10 commonly bought fast-moving food items across all grocery categories.

Who we visited

Co-op Fulmar Drive, Stockport
One stop Ipswich Road, Claydon
Budgens Barnwood Road, Gloucester
Spar Coltsfoot Drive, Horsham
Tesco express Oakley Vale, Corby

How they performed

Stockport’s Co-op was well-presented and merchandised. All items were in stock and staff were helpful. There was a multibuy on bacon and 100% extra free on teabags. However, the store had an inaccurate shelf-edge ticket for Weetabix for a promotion that had expired, and unattended stools presented a safety hazard.

Our customer was very impressed with the One Stop in Claydon. The spacious store was clean and tidy, well presented and had helpful and chatty staff, who were happy to pack for our customer even though she brought her own bag. The store had a good range of promotions, including multibuys on three of our top-up items.

Budgens in Gloucester boasted an excellent bakery range as well as an impressive display of fresh fruit and veg. However the receipt came to 6p more than it should have done according to the shelf-edge labelling. The checkout staff packed our shopper’s bags without even asking, and the beans and bacon were on offer. However there was no butter and the tea bags were not stocked in the required size.

Our items were easy to find in Horsham’s Spar, which is located in a quiet housing estate. Staff were most friendly, making polite conversation, and packed our shopper’s items without asking. However, the tea bags were out of stock and the store did not stock Mars bars or any other sweets and chocolate.

The Tesco Express in Corby was clean, tidy and well displayed. Our customer had no difficulty navigating the store and the helpful and polite staff packed her bag without prompting. Though the catfood was not stocked, Tetley tea bags were on a two-for-£4 promotion.