DBC Foodservice is set to increase its sales as Little Chef rolls out Heston Blumenthal's menu to two more eateries.

Suppliers to Little Chef have been told the celebrity chef's revamped menu will be brought into roadside restaurants in Kettering and York within weeks and may eventually be extended to all 170 outlets.

Blumenthal concocted a new menu for the Popham branch of the jaded fast food chain in the Channel 4 series Big Chef Takes On Little Chef. It featured dishes such as braised ox cheeks, vegetable and beer casserole with herb dumplings and a healthier take on truckers' favourite the Olympic breakfast.

Following six months of booming trade at Popham, the menu is being extended, to suppliers' delight. 

"Popham has done extremely well and we would benefit from any roll-out of the menu," said DBC chief executive Andrew Ramsden.

Other smaller suppliers that Blumenthal and his team hand-picked to supply Popham are also hoping for a wider roll-out. 

"This is great news for us," said one. "The Popham site has been trading amazingly well. We have not been given an exact date yet, but we've been told the roll-out is definitely happening. From our perspective, it's really positive and could make quite a difference to our business."

Blumenthal selected Denhay Farms in Dorset to supply Popham with Wiltshire cured bacon. It now supplies between 40kg and 60kg a week.

"Popham has been a huge success and it has ordered much more than we ever thought it would," said marketing director Amanda Streatfield. "Last weekend it sold out and we had to deliver emergency supplies. It would be great for us to supply a further two sites although I don't think we could manage all 170."

Another supplier echoed this view. "We have been amazed at how much volume has gone through Popham, so we're not surprised the scheme is being extended. This is very exciting a significant opportunity for us."