Since the French are known for quality food, it would be a vote of confidence in British fare if they were keen to get their hands on our products.
Dominique Mine, MD of Food from Britain’s French office, says they are and he plays a key part in making it happen.
Having years of experience in exports for Rémy Cointreau Group before joining FFB clearly helps, although he has worked in several departments for retailers and foodservice groups.
Outlining his role, he says: “My main responsibilities include brainstorming and generating new activities for clients looking to grow business in this market. I supervise projects, consult on commercial matters and report back to FFB London.”
He says most of his time is spent at seminars and trade shows as well as meetings with retailers, importers, trade and regional bodies.
Business has been booming in the last year, says Mine, with most of the demand coming from the snack food and convenience sectors: “We have secured very good business especially in Paris with British food to go products.
“Convenience outlets including Delimonpop,
Lafayette Maison and Drugstore Publicis are selling brands such as Noon’s Bombay Brasserie, Innocent smoothies, Eat Natural bars and Covent Garden Soup.”
One highlight of the past 12 months was a meet-the-buyer event in Paris with leading frozen food retailer Picard. Eighteen British companies were involved showcasing snacks, starters, ready meals, fish, bakery, meats, vegetables and desserts.
Naturally, eating the products is also part of being an ambassador for British food in France.
Recently, for example, Mine attended a lunch at the British Embassy in Paris celebrating the historic Entente Cordiale between France and Britain. “I was very pleased that food trade between the countries was being recognised for its importance,” he says.

a french appetite for british food