ROMANIA: Belgian retailer Delhaize Group has completed its acquisition of four Prodas stores in Bucharest through local subsidiary Mega Image.

"Thanks to this perfect fill-in acquisition of four well-located stores in urban areas, Mega Image strengthens once again its position in the city," said Mega Image general manager Xavier Piesvaux. "This acquisition will also allow us to realise sales opportunities and buying synergies."

Founded in 1995, Mega Image is one of the largest supermarket chains in Romania, with 43 stores. Delhaize acquired a 51% stake in Mega Image in 2000 before taking full control of the group four years later.

USA: Police in more than 250 cities have been issued with vouchers for 7-Eleven's Slurpee semi-frozen drinks, which they will hand out to children doing good deeds. Operation Chill, now in its 14th year, aims to reward good behaviour and keep children from causing trouble in the summer holidays.

"This is a big hit with both law enforcement agencies and kids," said Mike Raymond, director of 7-Eleven loss prevention. "Police officers love having a positive reason to approach kids and thank them for being good citizens."

GERMANY: Rewe Group has become Europe's first food company to sign up to the Aid by Trade Foundation's 'Cotton made in Africa' initiative. Along with partners from industry and politics as well as NGOs, around 150,000 small African farmers will be trained in the use of efficient and eco-friendly growing methods. The aim is to improve the quality of the cotton and to increase its yields. The agreement means Rewe will offer from 2010 at least 15% of the textiles bearing the red 'Cotton made in Africa' logo in its more than 5,700 Rewe and Penny stores.

RUSSIA: PepsiCo is planning to invest $1bn (£617m) in Russia over the next three years as it further expands its infrastructure in the country with a new manufacturing plant and warehousing.

"This reflects our great confidence in Russia and our long-term commitment to this very important market," said chairman Indra Nooyi. PepsiCo said its cumulative investment in Russia had reached $4bn (£2.46bn).

TURKEY: Turkish alcohol producers have objected to new advertising restrictions they fear could harm Turkey's aspirations to become a member of the European Union - and also damage the economy of the secular-run but Muslim country.

"Initiatives such as this represent an obstacle to our efforts towards membership of the EU," said Semih Mavis of Efes Beer Group, the country's largest brewer. "The new decree, which is directed at banning virtually all advertisements that we produce, strengthens the probability that Turkey will be perceived as a country where prohibitive interventions are made into people's lifestyles and their concept of entertainment."