Cottage Delight says growing demand for its premium artisan pasta range has confirmed its belief that consumers are looking for more authentic Italian products. The range's rustic look and simple packaging are to be extended next year. It has replaced its coloured pasta with an organic line in five colours and four shapes. "The premium for organic pastas is relatively small in comparison to other products, and we've seen a significant increase in sales since the launch of this range," says the company.In January it is running a three-month promotion on 50 authentic Italian products. Baxters says the success of the two Mediterranean pasta sauces ­ tomato, Italian cheese & ham, and creamy mushroom & herb sauce ­ which are part of its Nick Nairn range, reflects consumer demand for premium quality sauces. Support for the sauces is part of the £8.6m Baxters is spending on its brands this year. With its sights on becoming a beacon brand in the organics movement, the Enjoy Organic Co has introduced organic pasta and pasta sauces to its range. Its pasta comes from Naples, while its sauces include sweet red pepper & Mediterranean herb, and Bolognese. The Stamp Collection pasta ­ the only wheat-free, organic fresh pasta on the market ­ is to be enhanced with the launch of two organic, wheat-free and cows' milk-free sauces with no added sugar. Producer Buxton Foods says the new sauces complement its pasta to provide a whole wheat-free meal option. Mediterranean Growers says its Valfrutta Salsina brand is increasingly finding favour with consumers seeking an authentic Italian tomato base for home cooked pasta sauces. The brand has recently been repacked into an exclusive embossed 560g glass bottle and is to be supported by a substantial marketing programme. Two new varieties are to be launched as part of a brand development programme. Orgran is the leading wheat and gluten free pasta brand, according to distributor Wessex Foodbrokers. Listings include Sainsbury, Tesco, Safeway, Morrisons and Budgens. Made in Australia, where it's the leading brand of alternative grain pasta, the Orgran range includes gourmet pastas that add interesting colours and shapes to any meal, plus stoneground, organic, low protein and rice & soy blends. The range is made from 100% alternative grains to meet the needs of the rising number of people with wheat and gluten intolerance. Latest development is Ris' O'Mais, a blend of corn and rice that cooks and tastes like wheat pasta but is entirely wheat and gluten free. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}