Producer: Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses
Region: Lancashire
Created: 1969

What’s your story? “My family has been handmaking farmhouse cheeses in Lancashire since 1932 and although we’re more famous today for Blacksticks Blue, the cheese that started it all for us is this traditional farmhouse mature Lancashire cheese,” says Jean Butler. “We still make it in small batches to the original family recipe using milk from our own herd.”

Why is your cheese a regional gem? “A properly mature Lancashire is a cheese you can get excited about! The story goes that small farms didn’t have enough milk spare each day to make a whole cheese and so curds from successive days were combined, creating a cheese with a much more open texture than a Cheddar.”

The Grocer says: Traditional Lancashire cheese is still not widely known beyond its home region, and we think the rest of the UK is missing out. We were impressed with Butlers’ take on an old regional classic, which manages to be crumbly without being dry.