>>multibuy deals helping to drive growth… Limited chiller space means careful selection… from-concentrate flies off the shelves...

Somerfield dairy buyer, fresh milk, cream, eggs and chilled Juice
Customers are converting to chilled from ambient to enjoy a fresher, better quality product. We have enjoyed category growth of 64% year-on-year, driven by the three-for-£2 deals on own label where volume has more than doubled across the range.
The key for smoothies is penetration as price points are high - maybe own label could help to expand this category.
Further growth is anticipated this year as new brands enter the market. Additional investment will also be made.
Trading Manager, Juices and Smoothies, Musgrave Budgens-Londis
Chilled juice is showing the most impressive performance and smoothies, too, are growing. But they still represent only a small percentage of the total market.
As convenience stores we are limited by chiller space. The competition is huge and there are plenty of new launches, but we have to be selective.
Careful range management worked well for us last year and we will continue to look at new products in this changing and growing market.
juices and smoothies buyer,Sainsbury
The category is performing well both in terms of growth and share since the launch of the three-for-£2 offer. From-concentrate is enjoying huge increases and not-from-concentrate is also growing, although not as fast. Freshly squeezed is relatively flat.
Smoothies are being driven by the 250ml format and the launch of Innocent one-litre. Customers make a distinction between ambient and chilled, but suppliers and retailers can both do more to communicate the other differences.
Guy Welford
Laura Kingsman
Michael Luck