>>budgens boosts ranges of salads and healthy foods...men and women’s needs differ at co-op...freshways discovers hunger for fruit...

manager, Budgens, Belsize Park, North London
Sandwiches and crisps, with impulse-size drinks bottles, make up the majority of lunchtime sales but our hot food-to-go is very popular. We get quite a lot of workmen coming in and buying hot chicken, a bag of salad - even rocket - and some of our bake-off bread or rolls.
Men buy more in terms of quantity and women generally go for healthier options such as the Weight Watchers lunchtime ranges, salads and fruit. We’re increasing our ranges of salads and healthier option food and drinks because of this.
manager, United Co-op, Halebank, Widnes
Men and women tend to buy different things. A woman would typically buy a baguette (made in store) and a packet of crisps. Whereas a man would go for the less healthy option, a pie or pasty and a chocolate bar, for instance.
However, we have noted a number of men picking up a piece of fruit as part of their lunch.
Fruit and fruit smoothies are very popular but fruit pots don’t sell particularly well as they are a bit pricey - customers prefer to buy individual fruit portions.
owner, Freshways, Canvey Island
We’re selling more fruit at this time of year, especially peaches. The children’s packs of apples and grapes are quite expensive but sell well because they’re so convenient.
Boxed salads are also doing well so we may make up our own with dressings. We have a health centre nearby so get a lot of nurses in who generally buy salads and WeightWatchers sandwiches.
Sandwiches still do well. We get ours from Nisa-Today’s - it offers a realy good range and launches different varieties all the time.
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Natalie Isherwood
David Nice