They're usually associated with fine dining but Waitrose is hoping edible flowers and micro-leaves will appeal to adventurous home cooks as well.

The supermarket has ­developed an eight-strong range of salad 'add-ons' with Bakkavör that includes a pot of edible flowers, such as viola and nasturtiums and one containing micro-leaves, such as baby purple basil and baby amaranth. Finishing Touches hits 204 Waitrose branches on 20 April. 

The launch marked the first time the chefs' favourites would be available to mainstream grocery shoppers, said Bakkavör head of development Dilys Allan, who predicted they would add "new colour and vibrancy" to the bagged salad fixture and to shoppers' dinner ­tables this summer.

All eight variants, which are designed for use on top of a normal bagged salad, will be sold in single-serve packs mostly weighing between 60g and 80g and will retail for between £1 and £1.29. The edible flowers and micro-leaves will come in smaller, 5g packs.

Waitrose and Bakkavör are also launching a three-strong range of single-serve salad dressings comprising Caesar, French and mango and chilli (rsp: 49p a pot).

The idea was to encourage shoppers to experiment with their usual bagged ­salads without the risk of creating masses of food waste, said Allan. "It's about helping consumers build a meal and getting them to be a bit more creative with salads." It would be merchandised within Waitrose's bagged salad fixture to encourage shoppers, she added.

The range, which will be sold under the slogan 'Your Salad Your Way', also includes Greek salad, baby plum tomato and Asian salad variants as well as ­carrot and beetroot topped with pumpkin seeds.

Intellectual Property Office records show that Bakkavör has trademarked Finishing Touches for a range of product categories including meat and fish but Allan would not be drawn on whether there were further non-salad ­variants of Finishing Touches in the pipeline.