Wall's has reclaimed the number-one spot from nearest rival Nestlé in the ongoing battle for first place in the ice cream sub-category. The ice cream manufacturer recorded a variety of offers in retailers last weekend, securing 53% of all featured space promotional activity in the category. Nestlé was left in its wake - 27 percentage points behind in second place with 26% of activity. When activity in the category was last recorded on 17 March, Nestlé had taken the year-to-date lead from Wall's by four percentage points. This was mostly achieved with a push on its Skinny Cow brand. Del Monte has continued to promote its range of Smoothie ice lollies since activity was last recorded, taking third place in last weekend's chart with 8%. However, it is still trailing in fifth place in the year-to-date chart, recording 5% of activity - the same position it finished 2006 with - though with 1% more activity. Cadbury secured the fourth spot last weekend with 6% of activity, but has moved into third place overall in the year-to-date chart from fourth place in 2006. The brand has achieved this despite dropping six percentage points from 15% to 9%. Ben & Jerry's shared fifth place with Kelly's of Cornwall this weekend, with both brands taking 4% of featured promotional space each. Ben & Jerry's activity has been solid this year, ensuring the brand retains its sixth place in the year-to-date figures with 3%. In fact, it has achieved the same position and share of space as it did in 2006. Kelly's of Cornwall was not recorded in research last year so it has done well to reach seventh place in the overall year-to-date chart, alongside Häagen-Dazs and Ribena. With 7%, Mars sits in fourth place for the year to date, dropping 12 percentage points from second place at the end of 2006. The brand recorded no featured space promotional activity last weekend in any of the five retailers.