The weather gods are powerful. When the sun is shining they help sales to surge. But when they turn nasty, shopping behaviours change and supply chains can be disrupted resulting in poor sales, inventory excess and waste.

Managing the weather gods

Synchronising weather and buyer behaviour in demand sensitive networks might once have seemed an impossible dream. But as retailers’ demand forecasting systems have become more accurate, more refined, and more integrated, those advances have been mirrored by the development of far superior and more granular weather forecasting tools. These new insights about our weather systems have been fuelled by scientific research and technological innovations such as satellites, the power of big data computing and digitisation.

Predictions and Probability

Accurately predicting what is around the corner and quantifying scientifically and mathematically the probability of anomalous (unusual) weather events is MetraWeather’s key to making better decisions across retail networks. MetraWeather Retail Intelligence is delivered via a series of data-driven, automated forecasts and customised guidance. This guidance may be displayed in decision dashboards accessible across the retailers’ entire network, and be complemented with one-on-one conversations with highly experienced UK-based meteorologists on the MetraWeather desk.

MetraWeather provides powerful retail intelligence to UK retailers including Tesco, Morrisons, The Co-operative, Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and ASDA, along with suppliers and manufacturers including Dyson.


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