Company: Wild Trail Foods
Rsp: 99p per bar or £2.39 for a three-pack
Competition: Eat Natural, Jordans, Nature Valley
The sell: The bar will provide “an easier way to enjoy the nutritional merits of popped corn”

The Consumer
This bar is very tasty, if a bit sweet. The yoghurt coating gives it an indulgent feel and it is quite filling. It would work well as a sweet snack to enjoy between meals as it does tame mild hunger more than a chocolate bar, while at the same time satisfying any urge for sweetness. On the negative side, it stuck between the teeth. Also, the pack gives the impression it is a healthy product, which is slightly misleading. Three stars (out of five)

Hayley Day, accountant, Haywards Heath


The Expert
The product and packaging look quite appealing, although I was dismayed to find I would have to check out the website to find the nutritional information as it isn’t on pack. The yoghurt topping is by far the best-tasting part. The popcorn detracts from the flavour of the nuts, seeds and honey, which might otherwise have been enjoyable. At 99p, 227 calories and 14g of fat per bar, this product is expensive, calorific and fatty. Two stars

Tina Hird, trading controller, Spar


The Grocer
It’s hard to think of a foodstuff more on-trend than popcorn - with a steady stream of launches and listings for brands such as Tyrrells and Metcalfe’s over the past year. It’s easy to imagine, then, that Wild Trail’s popcorn-based bars will find an audience - they look the part, taste good and are a substantial snack. However, they disappoint in one key respect: despite the popcorn content there is little to set them apart from other cereal bars on the market. Three stars

Vince Bamford, fmcg editor