A new wholesale website is going head-to-head with Booker and Bestway this week as it bids to become the first price comparison website for the wholesale grocery sector. 

99p wholesaler this week started to list Booker’s prices next to its own for 350 popular fmcg lines.

As well as viewing the price difference on each line, customers can also view a running subtotal, which compares what the same order would have cost at Booker. At the time of going to press, 99p Wholesaler was making the final preparations to add Bestway’s prices to its site.

99p Wholesaler launched in April and has been compared with popular consumer discount site Groupon because it offers four deals for 24 hours at a time, and displays a countdown clock until the promotion has ended.

“We’re trying to aggregate the best deals offered by cash & carries around the country,” said founder Suleman Sacranie. “It’s all about stocking the 20% of goods that retailers want every day.”

This week’s deals include a case of Kinder Bueno bars for £7.49 versus Booker’s £9.39 and a case of Red Bull for £16.29, compared with Booker’s £17.29.

The products sold by 99p Wholesaler include lines sourced directly from manufacturers and lines sold by smaller wholesalers without an online presence.

“You have only got to do a search of the second-tier wholesalers to find the majority of their items are cheaper than Booker,” said Sacranie. “We openly ask our competitors to work with us and provide their deals. If they are more attractive we will happily divert our clients to them.

“We have the backing of many shopkeepers who want open book pricing.”