Source: Bestway

The wholesaler is decorating depots with arches, cloisters, and cathedral-shaped pallet wraps

Bestway is launching a new promotional campaign ahead of King Charles’ coronation.

The wholesale giant said it was aiming to help retailers maximise profits over the period with leading promotions and products.

Following its run of themed campaigns over the past year, including the Queen’s jubilee last summer which drove sales up by 24%, Bestway will be decorating depots with arches, cloisters, and cathedral-shaped pallet wraps to resemble Westminster Abbey.

During the four-week campaign, suppliers will be also be honouring the occasion with clear product and price callouts, alongside large digital displays which will highlight special products, retailer promotions and supplier content.

Bestway’s trading director Kenton Burchell said he expects the campaign to see more than 70,000 customers shopping over the campaign period.

“This is theatre in wholesale at its best,” he said. “According to the Centre for Retail Research, consumers will spend more than £1.4bn during the coronation, driven not just by the British population but also by 250,000 extra international tourists which are set to visit the UK.

“For our retailers, this is an immense opportunity. We have three bank holidays to look forward to in May, with the biggest of these marking the coronation.

“From a retail perspective, this will create significantly more footfall as it gives people something to celebrate and a reason to get together and buy.

“Our campaign has been built around supporting our retailers with the right products at the right price to help them grow their profitability over this period. You could say the campaign is ‘fit for a king!’”