FT - Dawood Pervez, md Bestway Wholesale

Source: Bestway Wholesale

Bestway Wholesale MD Dawood Pervez has urged other businesses to consider a lateral flow testing program

Bestway Wholesale has implemented a lateral flow testing programme for all staff through community testing centres and has been able to identify four asymptomatic coronavirus cases so far as a result.

The wholesale giant said it has “worked closely” with local authorities to identify a list of testing sites that are in close proximity to its depots and offices to ensure all employees that are not able to work from home can access a test.

Bestway has ‘encouraged’ staff to be tested fortnightly during work hours. MD Dawood Pervez confirmed all employees have been willing to partake.

Four asymptomatic cases have been identified, all from the same area. Subsequently a “rigorous”’ policy of self-isolation and premises cleaning took place.

The wholesaler said the impact of undertaking lateral flow testing on the business has been minimal and “been managed well without having a detrimental effect to its trade”.

“The voluntary lateral flow testing is straightforward, quick and with results showing after 30 minutes, it enables us to take swift action should a member of our team test positive,” said Pervez. “In turn, it offers them reassurance we are taking their safety seriously. By having the tests available and by testing staff on a regular basis we have both been able to maintain a safe working environment for our staff and for our customers to shop in.”

He added: “I would urge other businesses to consider lateral flow testing. It is easy, straightforward and gives reassurance and confidence to both workers and customers. It is another step in our ongoing battle against Covid.”