CJ Lang LED video walls

CJ Lang is debuting new eco-friendly LED video walls for its upcoming trade show.

The three LED screens will replace traditional paper and vinyl marketing as part of the wholesaler’s sustainability drive.

Each screen measures 8m wide x 3m tall, and has approximately 2,709,504 individual LEDs.

The screens will appear at the Spar Scotland annual trade show, which is the largest retail event in Scotland.

The wholesaler is expecting a crowd of 850 delegates, including over 200 suppliers exhibiting in a purpose-built marquee, where the LED videos will be displayed.

“By utilising the largest number of panels in one location in Scotland, we’re proud to be leading the way in reducing our carbon footprint while still providing top-notch advertising content for our delegates and exhibitors,” said a CJ Lang spokeswoman.

“The event is a great opportunity for suppliers to receive a business update from Spar Scotland and then exhibit their products to Spar retailers, company-owned store managers, support staff, industry bodies and the trade press.”