Mushroom 'meat' Fresh Direct Sysco GB

Mushroom products are ideal to replace meat thanks to their fibrous texture

Fresh Direct has launched a new mushroom-based product to be used as greener alternative to meat.

The mushroom ‘meat’ product is made with mushroom stalks that would otherwise be discarded, thus reducing waste in the supply chain. Traditionally, only caps are required for standard products.

Mushroom roots are ideally suited to replace meat thanks to their fibrous texture resembling certain meat cuts.

Fresh Direct has partnered with specialist Irish mushroom grower Umi Foods to harvest, cook and shred the surplus product.

“The texture of the mushroom meat provides a fantastic alternative to more traditional centre of plate options,” said Fresh Direct head of food development Ian Nottage.

“It also has the benefit of avoiding food waste, as it’s made from the unused stalk of the mushroom when it’s harvested.

“With the fibrous root of the mushroom there is a natural texture, which gives a satisfying eating appeal. It’s also suitable for vegans as only soya protein, tapioca flour and coconut oil are added to make this really innovative product.”

Based on projected sales, the launch of mushroom meat is expected to save around 80 tonnes of food waste every year.