Harlech David Cattrall

Welsh wholesaler Harlech Foodservice has announced it will open a depot in Carmarthen by April.

The new site is part of a £6m expansion plan.

Harlech said the expansion was a result of growing demand from hospitality sector customers across south Wales, which had seen the wholesaler’s turnover increase by more than £20m in the past three years.

Managing director David Cattrall said the business was keen to respond to the challenges faced by hotels, pubs and restaurants with next-day deliveries and “aggressively competitive” prices.

“Harlech are disrupting the established way foodservice companies operate, by offering transparent and competitive prices and excellent service to all our customers”, said Cattrall.

“As part of our Trust our Prices campaign, we guarantee that the prices of around 200 lines are locked in for several months, rather than sneaking prices up without notice, after negotiation.

“We understand how unpredictable trade can be for our customers so they can order up to 10pm, once their service has finished, and we deliver to premises the following day, up to six days a week, enabling chefs to plan their menus with confidence.”

The new depot will create 15 new jobs on site, with Harlech set to create 150 jobs company-wide across south west Wales.

Harlech head of sales Chris Gregson added: “Having a base in Carmarthen is a key part of our £6m growth plan which will create 150 jobs across the business and give us a strong presence across Wales.”