Ali Timmons (Childhood Cancer Specialist, Lioncroft Fellow) and Dr Jason Wouhra (CEO, Lioncroft Wholesale) 1 v2

Ali Timmons (childhood cancer specialist, Lioncroft fellow) and Jason Wouhra (CEO, Lioncroft Wholesale)

Birmingham-based Lioncroft Wholesale has funded a new fellowship to help children with cancer and their families.

A donation by the Lioncroft Foundation, created by the family-run cash & carry wholesaler, has enabled the Cancer Awareness Trust to appoint a childhood cancer specialist – Lioncroft fellow.

This will be the foundation’s first donation, after being set up by Lioncroft Wholesale with a starting pot of £200,000.

The Lioncroft fellow role will be based in Birmingham and will support families whose children have been diagnosed with neuroblastoma, which is the second most common solid tumour in children.

Clinical researcher Ali Timmons is the recipient of the role, contributing to the launch of the trust’s Cancer Platform, a free-to-use global resource providing patients with expert information.

“Sadly, cancer is an illness that affects large numbers of individuals and their families, including our own,” said Lioncroft CEO Jason Wouhra.

“Childhood cancer is a heartbreaking condition and we are honoured to have the opportunity through the Lioncroft Foundation to support children who are diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

“The Lioncroft Foundation aims to assist those in need, be it regionally, nationally or internationally. This funding kickstarts the foundation’s plans to support many more charities in the coming years.”