Volvo SWA Truck

The Scottish Wholesale Association has invited members to take part in a funding bid consortium for a new competition targeting innovation in hydrogen fuel cell trucks.

The competition, which is being organised by Innovate UK and the Department for Transport, will see up to £140m of investment targeted to accelerate businesses’ switch to hydrogen fuel cell and electric HGVs.

The SWA said that any project funding must be between £20m and £90m for electric, or between £30m and £140m for a hydrogen project.

The funding will cover up to 70% of the costs of the trucks and infrastructure, with the total funding pot designed to cover a minimum of 25 trucks with at least two to three fuelling/charging locations.

“These two funding bids represent a fantastic opportunity for SWA members to replace or supplement their 40-44 tonne HGVs with electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, said SWA CEO Colin Smith.

Some SWA members are already involved in the Scottish Hydrogen Fuel Cell Freight Trial, which is seeking funding from the competition to initiate the delivery of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

It is open to fleet operators of 40-44 tonne HGVs, with applications closing on 2 October.