Sysco Brand image

Sysco has launched a new range of own-brand products for customers in Great Britain.

The ‘Brands’ range includes a selection of products from basic everyday items to more premium ingredients.

It consists of three tiers covering different areas of the market: Sysco Essentials, Sysco Classic and Sysco Premium.

Sysco Essentials offers an alternative to economy brands, Sysco Classic provides matches to more established branded products, and Sysco Premium offers “superior products” sourced from around the world.

The wholesaler said the new offering compared favourably with other leading foodservice products on the market and would be made available to all its British businesses, including Brakes, KFF and Medina Foodservice.

“The Sysco brand is hugely successful in the US, where it has built a strong reputation for quality and value,” said Sysco GB merchandising director Stuart Smith.

“The new range we’ve introduced in Great Britain will help customers here more easily identify the products they want, while giving them confidence what they’re selecting is backed by the quality and value you’d expect from the world’s leading foodservice supplier.”

The news comes as own label sales in the UK have increased significantly over the past year due to the impact of the cost of living crisis.

In May, The Grocer reported own label now accounted for 54.7% of UK grocery sales.