Sysco Speciality Group seabass fillet, skin on, scaled, bone in

Sysco Speciality Group has introduced new environmentally friendly packaging to help improve the transportation of fish and seafood.

The Promens trays, which have been introduced as part of a sustainability drive in the business, have replaced traditional wax boxes, and only contain two types of easily recyclable plastic, LDPE and HDPE.

The trays maintain its structural integrity, ensuring there is no leakage, and maintaining freshness and quality in a shelf-ready format.

Additionally, the thermoformed packaging allows fish to be sealed in an airtight mono material, promoting more efficient portion control and reducing waste by allowing the fish to be allocated to perforated sections, contributing to an enhanced shelf life.

“As well as enhancing the group’s sustainability credentials, the new packaging helps us to consolidate the delivery of fresh products from different categories into one delivery for our group and corporate customers,” said Sysco Specialty Group marketing director James Armitage.

“This is a far more convenient and cost-effective solution for our customers, and it also reduces the number of deliveries required, which has a positive environmental impact.

”Consolidation has become a key element of Sysco Speciality Group’s proposition and the Promens trays and thermoformed packaging further enhance our capabilities in this regard.”