Mary Carmichael Nestlé Rowntree is giving its Rolo brand a makeover for the first time in four years, with new packaging, new positioning and improved recipes across all variants. The food giant will back the 64-year old confectionery stalwart's relaunch with a £4m package, including a dedicated £1.5m media spend. Rolling out in two weeks' time, new metallic wrappers are aimed at increasing on-shelf impact, while an updated logo, which flows across the pack, is intended to evoke an indulgent image. Packs will also sport a new flash proclaiming wickedly smoother chocolate'. High profile advertising, planned for October, will position the brand as an indulgent treat that brings out the playful side in everyone. Posters, press and bus-side advertising will feature a wickedly smoother chocolate' strapline, while a new TV ad campaign, based around the theme Discover the power of the last Rolo', is scheduled for early next year. Graham Walker, sales communications manager for Nestlé Rowntree, said the last Rolo' concept ­ which builds on previous ad slogan Do you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo?' ­ was inherent to the brand. "Consumers love it, so it will play a clear role in the new TV ads," he explained. He added that Rolo was already showing a 9% sales increase in 2002, even before the relaunch. {{P&P }}