Producer: Lynher Dairies Cheese Company
Region: Cornwall
Created: 2002

What’s your story? “Yarg is a semi-hard cow’s cheese, which was first created in the 1980s by Alan Gray - Yarg backwards,” says Lynher Dairies’ Catherine Mead (pictured).

“Originally, Yarg was wrapped in nettles. The enzymes in them help the cheese mature. We thought using wild garlic leaf was a natural extension of this idea. It’s quite unlike bulb garlic, with a gentle flavour that infuses the cheese.”

Why is your cheese a regional gem? “It’s the only cheese in the UK to have an integral rind of leaves, it’s crumbly in the core and creamy under the rind. Plus, our cheese is made in Cornwall and only in Cornwall!”

The Grocer says: The classic Yarg has long been a favourite of cheese lovers, and it would have been easy for the team at Lynher to rest on their laurels. Instead, they’ve used wild garlic leaf - the latest foodie must-have ingredient - to bring this Cornish gem bang up to date.

Garlic sceptics need not worry - the flavour is deliciously subtle. Plus, it looks great on a cheese board. Catherine Mead proudly describes it as “an exceptional example of an artisan cheese”, and we wholeheartedly agree.