Star man: Samuel Eto'o (Inter Milan)
Odds: 66-1
Biggest local supermarket: Casino
Fascinating food and drink facts: Local food combines French colonial influences with West African tradition. The national dish, ndole, is a stew including nuts, vegetables and either fish or goat. Fish is generally eaten more than red meat due to its price, although bush meats such as porcupine and giant rat add a dash of the exotic as well as some protein.

Star man: Christian Poulsen (Juventus)
Odds: 66-1
Biggest local supermarket: Bilka
Fascinating food and drink facts: The Danish word for food is 'mad' but the country's cuisine is, ironically, rather conservative heavy on the seasonal veg and pickled fish, as well as the bacon and butter Denmark is famous for. Copenhagen eatery Noma was recently named the best restaurant in the world, its menu using only Nordic ingredients.

The Netherlands
Star man: Wesley Sneijder (Inter Milan)
Odds: 11-1
Biggest local supermarket: Ahold
Fascinating food and drink facts: Now most famed for cheeses such as Edam and Gouda, Dutch cuisine was considered richly diverse until the end of the 19th century marked a new era of austerity. A traditional dish is stamppot, comprising mashed potato mixed with other mashed vegetables. Luckily, smoking dope gives you an appetite.

Star man: Shunsuke Nakamura (Espanyol)
Odds: 200-1
Biggest local supermarket: Aeon
Fascinating food and drink facts: A proposed ban on bluefin tuna fishing was rejected earlier this year by the UN's conference on endangered species. That caused celebrations in Japan, which eats three-quarters of the world's supply in the form of sushi and sashimi. Octopus, squid and salmon are all popular, too.

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