Producer: Mr Moyden’s Handmade Cheese
Launched: 2004
Region: Shropshire

What’s your story? “I had no idea how cheese was made until I had a go making it on the kitchen stove using my grandmother’s jam kettle,” says cheesemaker Martin Moyden (pictured).

“But I was not deterred by early failures and on researching cheesemaking further I got hooked and decided to make a career out of it! With Wrekin White, I wanted to make a unique, modern British cheese and drew influences from the fact that there was a large Roman settlement local to us, so I based the cheese on a Pecorino-style, high-scald hard cheese.”

Why is your cheese a regional gem? “Wrekin White is a unique cheese with an interesting flavour profile and true Shropshire provenance. I chose to name the cheese after the prominent Shropshire hill, the Wrekin in order to convey its Shropshire provenance.”

The Grocer says: No list of great British regional cheeses would be complete without a cheese from one of the country’s biggest milk fields, and we found a real gem. The raw cows milk in Wrekin White gives it a nice tang and we loved the idea of a Roman-inspired yet locally produced cheese.