Good old YouTube. Our favourite refuge for the funny and stupid has thrown up another incident of staff misbehaving, this time at Magners and Bulmers cider maker C&C Group.

While company execs contend with a profit decline due to a slump in cider sales, other staff appear less concerned, as footage of their antics at the company's headquarters in Clonmel, County Tipperary, attest.

Called 'Workin hard at Bulmers!' the four-and-a-half minute film, shot on a worker's camera phone, shows staff jumping from moving forklifts, spraying fire extinguishers, putting rubber gloves over their heads, staging races with driverless vehicles, and one man being wrapped in film by a pallet-wrapping machine. Unsurprisingly, C&C's management was less than impressed and has dismissed eight of the workers involved . "Jeopardising the safety of our employees will simply not be tolerated," says a spokesman.

Neither will stupidity, I assume. How the film-makers thought they could escape punishment after posting their antics on one of the UK's most popular websites, I'll never know.