The distributor of Yumberry juice drinks has claimed rival producers are infringing on its trademark by mistakenly calling yang-mei fruit yumberries.

Yumberry is a registered trademark for juices and drinks marketed by YumberryUK, which uses the Chinese yang-mei fruit in its juice drinks. However, other traders have confused the fruit’s correct name with the Yumberry brand and were using the wrong term on packaging, PoS and online, according to YumberryUK co-founder Alan Leal.

YumberryUK would be writing to traders asking them to rename their products as yang-mei, said Leal. “W e are proud to call this fruit by its authentic name and would encourage others to do the same.”

The company, which launches its yang-mei juice drinks into the UK this week, would consider legal action if traders did not cease using the name within a few months, said Leal.