Nespresso-style pods now available in Waitrose

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The first range of non-Nespresso branded pods that can be used in Nespresso coffee machines is rolling out to supermarkets.

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Branded Nespresso capsules can currently be bought only from specialist stores or online, while the Café Pod range will be available exclusively from more than 200 Waitrose stores from next week. The three blended coffees: Intense, Smooth, and Light & Lively, will be sold in boxes of 10 capsules. A decaffeinated variant is also available. Nespresso’s capsules are priced £3 to £3.50, while Café Pod (rsp: £3.30) will launch at a promotional price of £2.64.

Café Pod claims its pods are the first Nespresso-compliant capsules to hit UK supermarkets following the expiry of Nespresso’s 20-year patents last year.

“By making coffee capsules available to supermarkets, Café Pod is able to meet a consumer need not met by other premium-quality coffee capsules,” said commercial director Philip Banfield.

According to Symphony IRI and Mintel estimates, coffee pod sales grew 40% to £43.3m between 2009 and 2011. Its share of the take-home coffee market increased from 3.7% to 4.6% over the period.

Douwe Egberts has launched Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules outside the UK.

Readers' comments (45)

  • I am a Nespresso junki and would like to point out that the price you have quoted for Nespresso capsule's is wrong. Maybe a bit more research is needed.

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  • As usual the marketing hype has inflated the Nespresso Capsule price to help sell their alternative product.
    I shall certainly try the Cafe'Pods @ the promotional price of £2.64 but not @ £3.30
    My current cost of Lavanto Nespresso capsules were £2.90 for 10. Including delivery.
    Philip Banfield please do your sums again.

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  • Have just bought a pack of the £3.30 espresso pods at Waitrose and they ARE NOT compatible with my Krups Nespresso machine. The pods are not as tall as real Nespresso pods and they fall straight through into the empty pod reservoir.

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  • I have tried to use the Nesspresso compatible coffee pods with my Nesspresso Citiz machine but they are too small and slip through.

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  • I had the same thing happening to me with my Nespresso Citiz. I called their helpline and they said I needed to press the lever more firmly, as their capsule is made from plastic and not aluminium. What was happening was when I didn’t press the lever hard enough and moved it back to its original position, the machine released the capsule and it dropped right through. I just needed to push the lever a bit harder, and it worked perfectly.

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  • I've just tried my first Cafe Pod coffee and to be honest I'm pretty impressed.

    We live in Wakefield and currently get our Nespresso capsules from the Trafford Centre in Manchester.

    Understand we can order online and have delivered but to be honest if I can get Cafe Pods from Morrisons then I'm very happy indeed.

    Off to make another coffee, see you later!

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  • Just bought a box of these from Waitrose and can report that they are a seriously inferior product when compared with the real thing, which is remarkable when you consider that they are no cheaper.

    They are just a worse design in every way. The pods are plastic with holes already in them, compared to the real ones which are aluminium with no holes in (the machine makes the holes when you use it). This means that each pod has to come in a foil wrapper to keep the coffee dry and catch any that falls out in transit. They don't fit into the machine very easily at all and you have to pull the lever hard to get the pod into place which doesn't feel like it's doing the machine any good.

    If these were 10p each I would consider persevering with them and trying to put up with them for the sake of saving money, but at this price you really are better off buying the real deal online. If you buy enough of them from nespresso delivery is free and is almost always next-day. Really, why would you bother with these Café Pod ones?

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  • I concur with most of the disappointed statements above. The Waitrose pods basically leak so I get a half a cup with the other half on the work surface - they are the same cost as the official Nespresso pods so I will have to scrap the convenience factor and stick with the online.

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  • I read a report that Nespresso have recently had their patent on coffee pods for their machines recently upheld in law-so i'm not surprised these alternative ones don't fit!
    The loser in this silly variety of pods is the customer who is forced to have only compatible pods for their particular brand of coffee machine. So if you buy a machine from Spain or Europe you could find no compatible coffee pods in this country. Be warned!

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  • As on promotion I thought I would try the Cafe Pod, and did a taste test, and I agree with everyone else, do not waste your money!

    The pods are hard to fit and the coffee has no "creme" on the top, and coffee is weak and insipid, even with the strongest no. 8 variety. The annoying plastic wrapper means you can not store then in a holder, and they look like dishwasher tabs.

    I went straight online to order from Nespresso, also all other so called "offers" online are more expensive, especially Amazon...

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  • Nespresso-style pods now available in Waitrose
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