Pizza Hut woos coeliacs with gluten-free bases

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Pizza Hut will roll out gluten-free pizza to all its restaurants next week.

From 8 October, the chain will offer square gluten-free bases developed in association with Coeliac UK. The company has also reformulated toppings such as BBQ sauce so gluten-intolerant diners can choose from the full menu.

“We are extremely proud of our new pizza,” said marketing manager Victoria Clarke. “Coupled with the gluten-free salad products on offer, we are confident that our customers will like it.”

Eating out safely was a top priority for people with coeliac disease, said Coeliac UK chief executive Sarah Sleet.

“We are working with the catering industry to help them deliver good-quality menu choices for people with coeliac disease and are delighted Pizza Hut is recognising the importance of catering for this market,” she added.

Readers' comments (28)

  • Great news! I miss pizza; making my own is no way near as satisfying.

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  • This has made my day :-) Yippeee. I so can't wait to visit Pizza Hut with my family and be able to share a lovely meal, the last time we were there i had a salad but would of loved a pizza. My mouth is drooling, well done Pizza Hut you have made many Coeliacs very happy.

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  • California Pizza Kitchen tried to do this last summer (2011) only to have the general public (celiacs & gluten intolerant people) complain, because it was not safe for us to eat. They were offering gluten free pizza dough, and some sauces, but everything was prepared in the same space as the regular pizzas so the potential for cross contamination was very high. CPK ended up pulling their GF pizza from their restaurants due to the public outcry. I hope Pizza Hut is not repeating California Pizza Kitchen's mistakes.

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  • I used to love going to pizza hutt until I was diagnosed with Ceoliac disease (3years ago now) I can't wait to try one, it will be like visiting an old friend that I haven't seen for ages, I hope I'm not disapointed!

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  • Congratulations on your realisation of the importance of this. I hope it spreads to the dessert menu and that other restaurants follow your excellent example!

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  • Unless they're cooked separately using different utensils, prep areas, ovens, etc they might be cross-contaminated with gluten. Can Pizza Hut give this Guarantee?

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  • I am happy to see food chains starting to service the Coeliac and GLUTEN Intolerant customers and I encourage more to do the same!
    But I am concerned and have seen many chains who don't do this in a manner where the end product, set in front of the Coeliac or GLUTEN Intolerant customer,is not Gluten Free (Less than 20ppm).
    Since their isn't a standard GF certification process a food service or restaurant must go through to claim the end product served to you is Gluten Free (Less than 20ppm) the served product is not safe. Food Chains are starting to promote serving GF foods based on "they start with gluten free ingredients and protective packaging" to keep them safe for you the GF customer. This is to interest and bring in the profitable GF customers base. Their is little or no mention of how they ensure through the cooking and serving process the amount of cross contamination or GLuten level above or less than 20ppm in the food finally presented to you. Many companies find the cost to change the equipment, surfaces\area, utensil and staff practices to eliminate cross-contamination costly to implement, so they just adapt to same food preparation process they currently have inplace. Little is said about what happens after the package food is unwrapped, prepared and served to you to ensure it still is GF.
    They can't gaurantee it has not been cross-contaminated if it is handled and prepared :
    * the same eating establishment as the Gluten foods.
    * handled and prepared on the same surfaces as the Gluten foods.
    * In the same oven, grills, boilers, oils and servered with the same utensils used on Gluten foods.
    * Is not handled at each step in the process by freshly gloved servers and wait staff that handle the Gluten foods.

    To a Coeliac any amount of ingested gluten does damage to the villi. Those Gluten Intolerants who are sensitive to the smallest amounts of gluten will be the first to notice the cross-contamination. Others who have a higher thresold to the cross-contamination damage may not feel it immediately but will over timel! Caution is advised!!
    I welcoming and encouraged the changes they make! But remember to Educate and Support those business who go the all the way to present to you and your family the meal in front of you is a safe (20ppm or less) GF meal. Pizza Hut and others business need to demonstrate they can do this to earn our trust and business!

    Pizza Hut good start! I applaud the direction your are taking. Lets see if you make it to our GF Winners Circle!

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  • My husband and I have always loved Pizza Hut we don't eat any other pizzas . Well I didn't until I was diagnosed with coeliacs disease. Then I have had to drool while watching him eat Pizza Hut pizzas. Whoopee now I can join him again . I can't wait to try them

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  • Great news, as I use to love Pizza Hut before being diagnosed with Coeliac disease.
    However, having had a really bad experience at Starbucks and the total dismissive attitude when complaining, how can we be sure that Pizza Hut staff are fully trained regarding cross contamination?

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  • we run a small pizza shop in devizes wiltshire... we have been making our own GLUTEN FREE PIZZA DOUGH for 3 yrs we have customers come from 20 + miles to eat our pizza !!

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