Jonathan Fitchew

Independence: should we go it alone on recruitment? Subscription

21 Sep 2014 | By Jonathan Fitchew

Before everyone gets up in arms, let me put it out there: I am Scottish-born…

Jimmy Cregan

Planning a PR stunt? Ask for forgiveness, not permission Subscription

13 Sep 2014 | By Jimmy Cregan

I thought a giant one-tonne hailstone full of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee crashing on to the beach would be pretty fun…

Tesco Trowbridge

Dave Lewis era at Tesco heralds joined-up business plans

07 Sep 2014 | By David Sables

Tesco still commands about £1 in every £8 spent on all UK retail spending…

Business woman

Three key ingredients all successful people have in common Subscription

28 Aug 2014 | By Jennifer Baker

What do successful people have in common? We may think they’re cleverer, have luckier breaks and are more ruthless…

BlackBerry phone

'Selling' roles: there is a place for creativity in hiring Subscription

21 Aug 2014 | By Jonathan Fitchew

Working in sales recruitment, I face the challenge of selling a sales career to less-than-willing graduates…

David Sables

Don't skirt around the point - there is no harm in asking! Subscription

09 Aug 2014 | By David Sables

We are constantly fed a myth soup about selling and negotiation…

Jobs for young people

Taking a summer break? It's time to SWOT up on your career Subscription

02 Aug 2014 | By Jennifer Baker

It’s that time of year again, with many people heading off to a well-earned summer break…

Jonathan Fitchew

Recruiters should check facts about candidates

26 Jul 2014 | By Jonathan Fitchew

As a bit of a holiday traditionalist, I walked into a travel agent and explained what I wanted…


Ten years after Gü... launching a product is harder than ever Subscription

22 Jul 2014 | By James Averdieck

I set up Gü Puds in 2003. We had to go through all the palaver any new food business goes though…

Trucks supply chain

Why not just outlaw the obviously unfair trading practices? Subscription

10 Jul 2014 | By David Sables

I’m often accused of emotive language when discussing the Groceries Code Adjudicator…

lifting world cup

Peak performance: some sporting advice to take into work

05 Jul 2014 | By Jennifer Baker

With World Cup fever about to reach its climax, I truly enjoy learning from diverse and successful athletes…

Jonathan Fitchew

How to assemble a World Cup-winning formation at work Subscription

28 Jun 2014 | By Jonathan Fitchew

The England boys may be out of the running, but I’m staying glued to the world stage with just one question…

James Averdieck

Entrepreurial start-ups are now the cool places to work Subscription

21 Jun 2014 | By James Averdieck

When I was leaving university, there was a very conventional career path for ambitious top-flight graduates…

Jennifer Baker

The career advice I'd give now to my 22 year old self Subscription

08 Jun 2014 | By Jennifer Baker

The other day I read an article with the headline: ‘If I were 22 again what advice would I give myself?’…


Recruitment is changing - but job boards aren't dead yet Subscription

31 May 2014 | By Jonathan Fitchew

The speculated end of the job board used to be just a whisper – these days it’s an open debate…


School kids urged to pursue fmcg careers in IGD training scheme Subscription

14 May 2014 | By James Halliwell

Leading fmcg companies are to offer in-school training to encourage youngsters to consider a career in food and drink.

Business handshake

Could a professional selfie be the key to attracting talent? Subscription

03 May 2014 | By Jonathan Fitchew

The ‘digital footprint’ is a fast-growing recruitment catchphrase…

Office desk

Superstars: there's a spare desk in my London office Subscription

30 Apr 2014 | By James Averdieck

Through my coaching practice I meet a lot of start-up entrepreneurs and most have come into fmcg with little experience…


Are major retailers easier to deal with as wounded animals? Subscription

23 Apr 2014 | By David Sables

We are witnessing a major shift in buying habits away from the big supers and into convenience formats…

Maersk shipping containers

Why are imports of food & drink so much higher than exports? Subscription

30 Mar 2014 | By James Averdieck

We’ve just had a very upbeat chancellor telling us that the UK has the fastest recovery of any G8 nation…

Man with umbrella in rain weather

Make it pay while the sun shines: strategic and sensible selling Subscription

25 Mar 2014 | By David Sables

How’s the weather been for your business recently?…


What to do about the problem of underemployment? Subscription

13 Mar 2014 | By Jonathan Fitchew

Underemployment is a dark truth in the world of recruitment…

Ready meals

What does the future hold for fmcg? Subscription

04 Mar 2014 | By James Averdieck

I am now what has become an increasingly rare breed in this industry – someone over the age of 45…


As unemployment falls, it's a good time to get more for less Subscription

03 Feb 2014 | By James Averdieck

Here’s a controversial idea: run your company with fewer people…

Christmas supermarket

Beware the fallout from the big four's Christmas disaster Subscription

27 Jan 2014 | By David Sables

So how was Christmas for you? You were hoping for an iPad and got a cookbook…

Morrisons Aldershot

Former Morrisons treasurer charged with insider dealing

29 Sep 2014 | By Ronan Hegarty

The former treasurer and head of tax at Morrisons, Paul Coyle, has been charged with insider dealing.


Stephanie Green quits Müller to take on new Aldi category role

27 Sep 2014 | By Adam Leyland, Beth Brooks

Müller Dairy’s head of operational marketing, Stephanie Green, is set to join Aldi next month

Fiona Dawson

Fiona Dawson promoted to head Mars’ global food business

25 Sep 2014 | By Alec Mattinson

Mars stalwart Fiona Dawson has been promoted to head its global food business.

Laurie McIlwee

Tesco admits McIlwee not in charge of finance for five months

25 Sep 2014 | By Ian Quinn

Tesco faced yet more questions over its financial management today after it admitted it had effectively been without a director in charge of finance for the past five months.

Alan Stewart

Tesco's new CFO Alan Stewart joins crisis-hit retailer a month early

23 Sep 2014 | By Ian Quinn

Tesco’s new chief financial officer Alan Stewart has been parachuted in more than a month ahead of schedule in the wake of yesterday’s shock announcement of a £250m overstatement of profits.

Tesco head of online operations Robin Terrell

Robin Terrell to lead Tesco UK as investigation into £250m profit hole kicks off

22 Sep 2014 | By Ian Quinn

Tesco head of online operations Robin Terrell is to lead the retailer’s UK business as it kicks off an urgent investigation into how its half-year profit guidance ended up being overstated by £250m.

Louise Hoste

Louise Hoste takes up category and pricing role at Brakes

21 Sep 2014 | By Beth Brooks

Foodservice giant Brakes has appointed Louise Hoste as category and pricing director…

Rose Fox

Fox's helps worker Rose Mobley celebrate 55 years in biscuits

21 Sep 2014 | By Andrew Stone

Fox’s Biscuits worker Rose Mobley is celebrating an incredible 55 years at the company’s Uttoxeter factory…

Karl McGonnell

Greencore hires Karl McGonnell as food-to-go commercial director

21 Sep 2014 | By Beth Brooks

Karl McGonnell has been appointed commercial director for the food-to-go retail division of Greencore…


After its shock profit announcement this week, where now for Tesco?

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